Is it ever in to mismatch clothing at the office or on the ball court?

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Dear Lily,

Are mismatching basketball sneakers in or out?


Dear Morris,

Mismatching basketball sneakers are definitely an interesting way to show your creative side. But are they in style? The answer is yes.

The NBA received some unusual attention in 2017, and it wasn’t over the games.

LeBron James wore mismatched black-and-white sneakers, and not only did they not match, but they also had a message on the back: “Equality.”

It may have been an unusual look, but it’s not the first time LeBron, or various other players in the NBA, have worn mismatched sneakers.

Kyrie Irving wore mismatched pink-and-purple shoes fairly recently, and the trend even goes as far back as the early 2000s.

Now, you may be thinking, “But these are basketball players. What about for people who just wear them as street style and not actually on a basketball court?”

Here’s the simple answer: if LeBron is seen wearing something, you can pretty much guarantee that it will become a street-style trend in the very near future.

Anything the four-time NBA MVP does seems to be legendary, including his choice of footwear.

There will definitely be new sneakers coming out that are mismatched, and people will gobble them up faster than one can say “LeBron James.”

Basketball is such a huge part of pop culture now that the big players have become more than just sportsmen; they are influencers in their own right.

On that note, mismatched basketball sneakers, for you, might just be a way of expressing yourself.

They are certainly unique and have a way of drawing attention, so whether you want to wear plain black-and-white sneakers or crazy multicolored ones, it’s your choice. 

They can be customized as well, so you can make them even more personal and meaningful to you, just as LeBron did with his message of equality.

Not only is it cool to be yourself and break away from the boring and the old, it’s also cool to make a statement, either personally or politically.

Keep that in mind when you go shopping for your next pair of basketball sneakers.

Daphnelly Delacruz | The Ticker

Daphnelly Delacruz | The Ticker

Dear Lily,

What colors of your outfit should match? Like I've heard your shoes and belt should match when wearing a suit. Is that true? What are some other matching rules?

-Color Confused

Dear Color Confused,

To put it simply, the dressier the outfit, the more necessary it is for the belt and shoes to match.

For a suit, not only should the color match, but the leather finish and texture as well – think shiny leather versus matte leather finishes. The same rule goes for metals; match silver with silver and gold with gold.

But, as we see more and more often with the rise of stylish sneakers, men are wearing white sneakers with khakis and button-down shirts.

How do you make white sneakers match your belt? You don’t. In that case, the rules don’t apply.

Some other rules involve color choice of clothing.

For example, colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel can be worn together.

Complementary colors, or colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel, can also be worn together for a more high-impact kind of look.

However, there are some color combinations that should never be worn together, such as purple and yellow, brown and black, red and orange, red and green and green and orange. They just don’t go.

Typically, darker colors equal a higher level of formality, like with suit jackets and shoes, and lighter colors equal a lower level of formality, such as for casual events and summer wear.

When in doubt, look to celebrities as role models. And never be afraid to experiment.

Just have some trusty close friends to preview your new outfits first.

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