Cheap eats: How to get the best food for your money at Baruch

Saving can be hard, especially hard if you are commuting regularly to the heart of one of the most expensive cities in the country — New York City.

However, attending Baruch College and commuting around and living in New York City can be more affordable with the following ways.

Heather Shah | The Ticker

Heather Shah | The Ticker

If there’s one thing we Baruch students collectively rely on to survive long classes, finish the plethora of homework we receive each day and stay up long nights studying for exams, it’s caffeine.

Whether it’s coffee, tea or energy drinks, many students rely on caffeine to get through their day, and while Starbucks may seem like the most tempting option, it is also the most expensive. Instead, one can find many other affordable alternatives.

Espresso Matto: This tiny cafe located on Park Avenue and 40th St. not only sells a variety of caffeinated drinks, they also sell breakfast items such as omelet croissants, muffins, brownies, avocado and egg sandwiches. And the best part? Everything is $2. All size drinks and foods are only $2.

Coffee cart outside Baruch: Still craving that coffee but don't want to go too far? The coffee cart right outside Baruch on the corner of 24th Street and Lexington Avenue is $1.25 a cup. It's an easy way to grab coffee right before heading inside the Newman Vertical Campus for class. While there, you can also snag a bagel or donut for your breakfast. But be quick, because lines can form in the morning!

Other ways to get an affordable coffee or tea is from the various bodegas located around Baruch. Bodegas usually sell their coffee and tea for under $2 and will successfully fulfill one’s caffeine needs.

Noah Fleischman | The Ticker

Noah Fleischman | The Ticker

Lunch in New York City can cost between $15 to $20 if you go to a sit-down restaurant. However, lunch doesn't have to be as pricey if you choose the right restaurants and meal options.

Places like Chipotle, Cava and Skewr around Baruch offer healthy and filling bowls that stretch each dollar to its limit.

These meals are not only abundant in quantity; they are also abundant in quality and nutrition. The bowls are wholesome and include meat, rice, salad, vegetables and various sauces or toppings.

Not far from Baruch is Trader Joe’s. This grocery store has a variety of fresh products that are extremely affordable, especially in comparison to supermarkets such as Stop N Shop. Fast-moving lines and helpful employees are also inviting.

Noah Fleischman | The Ticker

Noah Fleischman | The Ticker

Baruch may be a commuter school, but it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to its club life. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Baruch students engross themselves in academic, professional and fun events hosted by campus clubs.

These events are often held during lunch hours from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. or during dinner hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is almost always food for members and participants.

Some organizations also offer free coffee and hold bake sales during the day to raise money for nonprofit causes, keeping the Baruch students happy and fed.

These club events are a great opportunity to get involved in Baruch’s club life and to meet new people while also saving money. They’re a total win-win.