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USG wants you to succeed on midterms

USG wants you to succeed on midterms


With midterm season hot on our tails, we tend to have tunnel vision about just getting through the week. Every floor of the library is filled to the brim as students try to cram five weeks of material into a few days. Students should remember, however, that Baruch College has got their backs. 

There are so many resources to help deal with any problem you can think of.

The tutors at SACC are students who have previously done well in the class they are tutoring other students in and can definitely help you feel more prepared. You can book your appointments online by using your Baruch login. You can go there in-person as well. If you have 15-page papers or lab reports looming over your shoulders, use the Writing Center to make your work as perfect as it can be! You can have one-on-one sessions or go to the center’s various workshops to aid you in your quest to become a better writer or at least get an A on your assignment. 

As members of The Undergraduate Student Government, we try our best to make you feel well-prepared for your exams. While we can’t teach you calculus or take your accounting midterm for you, we can help you succeed at them. Our Vice President of Academic Affairs, Briana Staten, will be holding an event to help you navigate a financial calculator. 

We also have a multitude of food and merchandise giveaways to help you ease into your most dreaded midterm. If you ever just need someone to talk to, you can always stop by the USG suite and laugh with your senators about the crazy question on your test. However, if you would like to rant to someone who is a professional, Baruch has a wonderful counseling center as well. 

As a commuter school, students tend to not be informed about the resources they have. But Baruch’s staff and faculty work incredibly hard to make sure that the Bearcat experience is as smooth as can be. It’s our job as students to make sure that as long as we have access to these opportunities, we will utilize them. I only scratched the surface of what Baruch has to offer. 

On a lighter note, we hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful spooky season! 

We have a very fun week of Halloween events coming up as well as our annual “Lip Sync Battle” event in November, courtesy of our Vice President of Student Affairs, Tony Chen. 

We hope that as a student government, we have been making your fall semester something to remember. We also want to hear your feedback on what kind of events you would like to see! Please don’t hesitate to stop by our suite or hit us up on Facebook to let us know!  

Dakshatha Daggala is the president of USG. She can be reached at dakshatha.daggala@usgbaruch.com. Her office is located at 3-272 in the Newman Vertical Campus.

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Trump's actions involving Ukraine denounce foundations of America

Trump's actions involving Ukraine denounce foundations of America