Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals that comprise The Ticker.


Yelena D.jpeg

yelena dzhanova | Editor-in-Chief
Major: English, political science and journalism

Yelena has worked in different newsrooms like NBC News, BuzzFeed News, CNN, and New York Magazine. She closely follows and reports breaking news and investigative journalism, which she plans to pursue at other news outlets. She has a cat named Myrka, whose name means purring machine in Russian.


Victoria Merlino | Managing Editor
Major: Journalism and english

Victoria is a multidisciplinary journalist with interests in community news and magazine writing. She has worked at The Ticker for four years, serving as both the Science & Tech Editor and News Editor before earning the position of Managing Editor. She has also worked at multiple community newspapers, a children's literary agency, and a national magazine. She loves Frank Ocean, flan and attending USG senate meetings.


michelle castro | marketing director
Major: Marketing

Michelle is from Queens, NY. When she is not in school she enjoys taking dance classes. Some of her favorite movies include School of Rock, Star Wars and Good Fellas. She is graduating in May 2020.

Yasmeen Persaud.jpg

Yasmeen Persaud | Opinions Editor 
Major: Journalism and Creative Writing
since parkland | Research gate

Yasmeen Persaud is the Opinions Editor at The Ticker. She enjoys reading and writing poetry. Her favorite poet is Robert Frost, although she also loves the works of modern poets such as Lang Leav and Beau Taplin. She has published most of her writings in her high school newspaper and has even published some of her scientific research. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing the clarinet and piano.


Noah Fleischman | Business Editor
Major: Journalism and Political Science

Writing is something that Noah is passionate about. Noah enjoys the research and interviewing aspects of putting together a story and getting to know many subjects. In addition to writing, Noah likes to travel and eat a really good meal! He is stuck in the 1980's when it comes to music and counts The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and The Cure as the bands of his choice.


Ali Hussain | Science & Technology Editor
Major: Neuroscience and Bioengineering

Ali likes biology, not biographies, so he'd like to keep this short. He plans on getting an MD and a PhD and being a neurosurgeon. He lives in the Bronx but don't put that against him. Ali enjoys Sudoku and Origami. He also likes playing League of Legends a bit too much.

Martin Hsu.jpg

Martin Hsu | web Editor
Major: Finance

Martin Hsu is a rising senior at Baruch College studying Finance. Hailing from the hidden borough of Staten Island, Martin works as a Full Stack developer for start-up FinTech companies, consultant for New York City’s Ladders for Leaders program, and as an Operations Analyst for AOL. He enjoys competitive gaming and eating crispy pork belly.


Gavindra Kowlessar | Social Media Editor
Major: Marketing

Gavin likes comedy stand-up specials, Chinese food, and Game of Thrones.


Daphnelly Delacruz | Graphics Editor
Major: Graphic Communications
daphnelly.wixsite.com/nelly | instagram.com/nellythedesigner

Daphnelly (Nelly for short), has been the Graphics Editor at The Ticker for the past year. She is currently a Senior majoring in Graphic Communications and is also active in the PRSSA Baruch chapter. During her free time, she enjoys playing video games and drawing. Feel free to strike up a conversation with her over bubble tea!


Diana Shishkina | Copy Editor
Major: Political Science and Journalism

Diana is currently a junior interested in law, politics, and journalism. She has lived in Brooklyn almost her entire life and currently works at a news and entertainment startup in Dumbo called Stacker. She has worked at The Ticker since her sophomore year, and also takes part in Baruch's Model UN team. In her free time, Diana loves to find new coffee shops to feed her caffeine addiction, watch true crime documentaries on Netflix, and practice her photography.


Amanda Salazar | News Assistant
Major: Journalism and Creative writing

Amanda is a student from Brooklyn who has a passion for writing and media. She loves animals, and enjoys volunteering and working with children.


Angel torres | Copy chief
Major: Journalism

Angel Torres is a bilingual journalist and freelance photographer with a passion for breaking news. Currently, Angel is Copy Chief for The Ticker and a production intern for MSNBC. His past experience includes reporting for NBC News, freelancing for Workers World Today, and shooting portrait, event and editorial photography for various clients. When not reporting, editing or keeping up with current events, he enjoys reading fiction novels and cycling.


Jonathan Sperling | Business Manager
Major: Journalism

Jonathan Sperling is a community news journalist currently working as the digital editor for the Queens Eagle. Bylines in NBCNews.com, Fortune Magazine, and the Brooklyn Reporter. Brooklyn is the best borough.


michael joh | advertising director
Major: Statistics and Quantitative Modeling

Michael is looking into three career paths: data scientist, quantitative researcher and computer engineer. Wherever he ends up, he wishes to live a fulfilling life and finding true happiness. Wish him luck!


Sheik Floradewan | News Editor 
Major: Marketing

Besides writing for The Ticker, Sheik enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to $5 movies on Tuesdays, and trying different cultural foods. She can quote Spongebob lines to every social situation, loves a good scare, and collects quotes.


Benjamin Wallin | Arts & Style Editor
Major: English & Journalism

Benjamin Wallin has been working at The Ticker since his first film review in 2016. His goal is to bring arts awareness and appreciation to the Baruch campus, especially in the sparking of a conversation. Check the stands for Ben's new movie reviews every issue, and the occasional film festival, controversy or alternative review coverage. On campus, Ben is a member of the Hillel, Refract Magazine and a contributor to Encounters Magazine.


andrew marzullo | sports editor
Major: Journalism

Andrew is passionate about all things sports, period. While he loves all sports, he is incredibly passionate about football, particularly his Green Bay Packers. Aside from being the Sports Editor of The Ticker, he is also the creator and host of the sports radio show/podcast 3 and Shout, and worked for SiriusXM NFL radio. His other interests include film, television, music (he's a guitarist) and, probably most of all, food. He also will hold steady that Aaron Rodgers is the greatest thrower of a football in history, no discussion.


Joy Ling | web Editor
Major: Corporate Communications

Joy is a brand enthusiast majoring in Corporate Communications. Since joining the Ticker, she has continued developing a curious appetite for her public relations interests in the areas of media, entertainment and nonprofit work. You may find her on campus directing Blue Notes, Baruch's co-ed a cappella group, as well as conversing about current events on Friday nights with Baruch’s Model United Nations.


Mansukh Gobind | Multimedia Editor
Major: Computer Information Systems

Mansukh is a freshman at Baruch College and the Multimedia Editor at The Ticker. He is pursuing his BBA in Computer Information Systems. "Smart-working" and determined, he wishes to gain more insight in Information Technology and Quantum Computing to revolutionize how the world interacts with each other. In addition, he strongly believes that one day he will help construct an intelligent, powerful Quantum Computer that can solve and prevent numerous global problems such as diseases, catastrophes, etc. In his free time, Mansukh plays soccer and trades stocks.

julian tineo.jpg

Julian Tineo | Photography Editor
Major: International Business

Julian was raised in Long Island and now lives in Brooklyn. He has interests in design and economics and hopes to incorporate both fields into his future work, whether through business, art, or otherwise. In addition to The Ticker, Julian is involved with the Baruch Investment Management Group, Model United Nations, and the Swim Team. He enjoys spending time outside, cooking, and playing jazz music.


Brandon Tingle | Copy Editor
Major: Financial Mathematics

Brandon is from Brooklyn. He loves anime and sushi. When he grows up, he wants to travel to Japan. During his free time, he watches basketball. His favorite team is the Knicks.


Heather Shah | Production Assistant
Major: Cinematic Production and Investment

Heather is a sophomore at Baruch College who created her own major - Cinematic Production and Investment. She has been a part of The Ticker since freshman year and has not left since.