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USG votes in transfer student for representative senator position


Photo by Agata Poniatowski.

The Undergraduate Student Government voted in Susy Camacho, a junior majoring in marketing, as the newest representative senator.

In the fourth senate meeting of the Fall semester, held on Tuesday, Sept. 20, six candidates vied for the position of a representative senator in front of the USG senate. Each candidate prepared a short speech and participated in a Q&A.

After the resignation of the former chair of appeals, Rebecca Clabby, and the election of Zizen Pan for Clabby’s position, USG had to fill the vacant senator position to complete the quota of one representative senator per 1,000 undergraduate students.

Ryan Powers, executive vice president of USG and chairperson of the senate, is, according to the USG Constitution, “responsible for facilitating the recruitment of candidates for any vacant positions within the senate.”

In order to run for the position of a representative senator, one had to be an undergraduate student at Baruch with a 2.5 GPA, be taking at least six credits worth of classes, not be on the executive board of any other club or organization and be free at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays for the USG Senate Meeting.

Powers said that there were originally eight potential candidates but two were ineligible to run, which left six remaining candidates to compete. “I contacted them to have them submit their resumes and cover letters and schedules, that way I can see that they’re free,” explained Powers.

“I didn’t hold an interview process. They held one last year and my job is not to deter any candidates from running and I feel that an interview would do that,” said Powers. “I leave it open to the senate because all in all, it’s their choice.”

Camacho, a transfer student from Dutchess Community College, decided to get involved with Baruch’s USG after her positive experience in student government at her previous college.

“I wanted to start new so I was like, let me get involved and I liked it a lot over there so why don’t I do it over here,” said Camacho. “I see the changes that I made at my previous school so I was hoping to do that here as well and Baruch is really involved. I read the constitution and all that. I looked up online all the events that they held and they’re just a lot bigger because it’s a bigger school. I was just like wow, I can be apart of this. I like it, I like keeping myself busy.”

At Dutchess Community College, Camacho was head of the budget committee and community service committee. This provided her with experience in dealing with club and organization appeals and budgets as well as hosting events. After becoming senator during her freshman year, she went on to become the student government’s treasurer in her sophomore year.

Camacho began her journey with USG by taking part in the marketing committee and campus affairs committee. Outside of USG, she is involved in the Conversational Partners Program, which matches native and nonnative English speakers for informal conversations in order to help nonnative speakers improve their language skills and understanding of the local culture. In addition, Camacho is a mentor at the Transfer Student Organization. As senator, Camacho hopes to entice international, transfer and dorm students to events and programs on campus.

“I was even talking to some dorm kids and they have no idea what goes on here… they just go to classes and then leave so I was hoping to, be a bridge in a sort of way, just mend that bridge with them. Also with the international students, first off they’re not even that comfortable speaking the English language so I can imagine going to a social event [is difficult],” said Camacho.

Camacho will join 13 other representative senators, four vice presidential senators and four executive board member to complete the 22-member senate table, which represents roughly 14,000 undergraduate students.

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