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USG votes in former club leader to fill vacant chair of appeals position


During the first senate meeting of the Fall semester, the Undergraduate Student Government discussed upcoming events and deadlines before officially voting in the representative senators and executive board members to their respective positions. Among the newly appointed representative senators is Zizen Pan, a senior marketing major who was voted into the chair of appeals position after the resignation of Rebecca Clabby, the former chair of appeals-elect. Clabby announced her resignation in an email to the USG senate on Monday, Aug. 29.

“I’m saddened to inform you that I have decided to step down as chair of appeals due to unexpected personal matters,” Clabby stated in her email.

“After much thought and consideration, I decided this was the responsible thing to do.”

Last year, Clabby was a USG representative senator and was voted in during spring elections as chair of appeals with the Baruch Believes campaign.

“I can’t explain how much I appreciate the opportunity to sit on our senate table as chair of appeals, but had I stayed in the position, I’m not sure if I would have been able to commit as much time to it as necessary,” she continued.

Since Clabby’s resignation occurred before the senate was appointed to their positions, the executive board had the power to nominate Pan to chair of appeals. The appeals committee is responsible for allocating appeals funds from the USG budget.

As part of her job, Pan manages appeals budgets whenever club have certain programs or events that they need money for.

Once Pan receives the request, she reviews it with her committee and the respective club or organization. The appeal is brought to the senate table where it is accepted, modified and accepted or rejected. Once accepted, it is sent to the board of directors where they approve or reject the appeal request.

Last year, Pan was the treasurer of the United Chinese Language Association and joined USG with the Baruch Believes campaign as a representative senator.

“Wanting to do something new in my last year, I joined USG intending to join the finance committee, the appeals committee, the inter-club affairs committee; just getting involved because if I am just a senator, I do have a few responsibilities so I can definitely help out when I could.”

Pan said she was interested in chair of appeals because as treasurer for UCLA, “I got to know the process from my end and it’s a lot more to learn from how they organize everything for so many different clubs and how we allocate the guidelines.”

Daniel Dornbaum, president of USG, states that they nominated Pan for chair based on her experience and interests. “We feel that it’s good to have a club leader in the position of chair of appeals just because they understand the process coming from a club leader’s point of view and that could help her in dealing with them throughout the year,” explained Dornbaum.

“She is a great leader, I think she’s very focused and driven and I think that especially with chair of appeals, because you’re doing, not the same thing every time, but the same process every month it does take a certain type of person,” he continued.

This year, Pan says her goal for appeals is to adhere to the budget limits. “We have a budget and I really want to stay within budget. I really want to do well. In former years, USG has exceeded their budget and the management hasn’t been ideal but this is something that we can work on.”

With Pan as the new chair, there is now a representative senator seat open to any Baruch undergraduate student who meets the position requirements. Applications are due to Ryan Powers, the USG executive vice president, by Sept. 13 and elections will take place on Sept. 20.

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