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Spoon University petition reaches 300 signatures


A new club revolving around food, health and lifestyle tips is coming to Baruch College, thanks to a petition started by sophomore Hannah Sarraf. Sarraf decided to create a chapter of Spoon University on campus after she realized that Baruch did not have an iteration of the organization, which gives college students a platform to write and produce articles and videos concentrating on recipes, food and food hacks, as well as host events on campus.

“I knew about it before, liked the Facebook page and read articles. When I was on the national website, I decided to see what campuses Spoon University was at and I noticed that Baruch College wasn’t on the list,” said Sarraf. “I was genuinely disappointed because I was really hoping to join the Baruch chapter if there was one. So, I thought that maybe I should be the one to bring it to Baruch and start a new club.”

In order for someone to lead a Spoon University chapter on their college’s campus, they first have to fill out an application on the organization’s national website. From there, a representative from Spoon University contacts the aspiring founder and guides them through the remaining steps required to create the chapter. One of the most involved steps is the “Secret Sauce” program, which teaches leadership skills, event creation and publicity skills to aspiring founders.

When an aspiring founder makes it this far, they eventually move on to the petition stage where they must collect a certain number of signatures within a week’s time to prove that there is a significant level of demand for a Spoon University chapter on campus.

In order to get the minimum required amount of 300 signatures, Sarraf ran a relentless social media campaign. The petition to start the chapter was opened at midnight on Monday, Aug. 29 and quickly garnered more than 100 signatures in less than a day. By Thursday, Sept. 1, the petition had reached the required goal of 300 signatures, well before the deadline of Sunday, Sept. 4.“I created a Facebook event for Spoon University at Baruch and I shared that in every Baruch Facebook group I could join. I was posting the link to the event almost every day to try to get more and more people invited and spread the word about it,” said Sarraf.

The Spoon University network consists of more than 5,000 contributors at around 150 campuses worldwide. Baruch will become one of 22 chapters in New York State and one of seven in New York City.

“The NYC food scene is so unique and vibrant, and we’re excited to see what Baruch students bring to the table,” said Andrea Kravitz, a community engagement manager for Spoon University. “Our contributors get personalized analytics on what’s working and what’s not working, so they can learn and grow and launch into the real world ahead of the curve. They also have access to SpoonHQ Community Engagement Managers, Editors and Videographers who teach, guide and work with them every step of the way,” she added.

Sarraf is currently in the process of registering the chapter as a Baruch-sanctioned club and hopes to have it registered by the end of September. Although future events are still in the works, Sarraf has mentioned her plan to host several different types of potluck meals as well as cooking lessons.

“Spoon University isn’t just for writers to write articles, it’s for people of all majors because at each chapter, there are many different, contributing roles, such as, marketer, event planner, photographer and videographer,” said Sarraf. “I cannot wait for what the Baruch chapter has for this upcoming year and I hope I bring a lot of people together over food.” Those interested in joining the Baruch chapter of Spoon University can do so by visiting www.spoonuniversity.com/apply. You can also follow the chapter’s progress on Facebook or Instagram @spoon_baruch.

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