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Rihanna collaborates with Puma for new line

Mega pop artist Rihanna has just released a collaboration line with Puma featuring Fenty Puma Creeper sneakers. Already sold out on Puma’s official website, the shoe sports a rubber platform sole and a suede upper, with Puma’s classic cat logo outlined in gold on the back of the heel. In addition to succeeding in many areas of the entertainment industry, Rihanna has achieved status as a major shoe designer after her Fenty Puma Creeper sneakers won “Shoe of the Year” at the 30th Footwear News Achievement Awards. She wore them to the red carpet event on Tuesday, Nov. 29. The shoe was awarded the prize due to its universality—it could easily appeal to a large market that consists of both men and women. With the creation of this shoe, Rihanna broke ground because she became the first woman to ever receive this award. Rihanna’s entrance drew great attention. Along the way to her table, Rihanna was stopped by Cuba Gooding Jr., who praised her latest fashion creation. Puma’s Director of Brand and Marketing Adam Petrick said that he felt thankful that Rihanna decided to form an affiliation with the popular German shoe company.

Rihanna’s collection opened up Puma to another group of consumers and potential retailers who stock Puma sneakers in their stores. Rihanna was Puma’s biggest partner in years. In order to show off and complement the sneakers, Rihanna wore a simple all-black outfit. She had on a baseball cap and a black top with the word “Securite” printed on the left side where there would be a breast pocket. Underneath the top, observers made out a matching black maxi dress. She paired the outfit with the signature shoe of the hour, baring a single anklet to complement the shoe’s metallic features. Her outfit combination demonstrated the unique versatility that the shoe possesses, which was one of the reasons Rihanna took home the award. Puma is a brand known for flaunting and prioritizing comfort and simplicity.

Rihanna did not stray from this association, though she enhanced and contributed to the brand’s popularity. In addition to the particularly groundbreaking environment that had accepted Rihanna, the atmosphere turned political in nature when designers had been asked to respond to the results of the latest election cycle. Other prominent figures, such as Ansel Elgort, commented on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota after handing off an award to a designer.

Retail giants are currently selling the shoes at $140 a pair, but most stores are sold out of the shoe for the time being. Users and reviewers like the shoe because it comes in an array of colors and follows Puma’s simplistic style. A Creepers velvet line also released this month, following the latest velvet craze. The shoe released to the public in stores and online on Dec. 8 in three colors.

Always pushing the boundaries of what sneakers could be made of, The Creeper has previously been released in materials such as suede and patent.

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