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Politicker: Citizens must vote to avoid Trump

The rampant political coverage as of late has once again led to a fiery discussion about Hillary Clinton's email scandal. With all of this discussion regarding her emails, it comes as no surprise to hear blather from Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, and his reluctant supporters, members of the GOP.

Predictably, Clinton's numbers started to fluctuate in the midst of leak after leak, leading democrats to fear that there may be a chance that she may lose to a potential sexual predator, one who still seems to have some votes from his female followers.

In a twist that would make even the worst Hollywood producer cringe, Trump went on stage and actually praised the FBI for reopening the Clinton investigation.

While a WikiLeaks reveal apparently showed that the Clinton Foundation engaged in donations from more unscrupulous parties, as well as communications between major Democratic Party players, the leaks are not quite what grabbed the media’s attention.

A newer statement from FBI Director James Comey discussed emails discovered in the computer of Anthony Weiner, former husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The former congressman was under inquiry in relation to his sexting scandals. These emails, the FBI determined, came directly from Clinton's private server. Officials have yet to determine whether these emails contain classified information that was not supposed to be revealed.

First and foremost, one can only imagine how democrats feel about Weiner right now. The emails that have been traced back to Clinton's server probably did not contain information critical to national security. Instead, they may have been full of ideas on how to handle the living situation that is Abedin's ex-husband. Neither seems to be the preferable option.

Weiner is a former Democratic representative from the state of New York who, over the years, has been caught in sexting scandal after scandal to the point where one can only wonder if the man even knows what he is doing.  His credibility as a politician may forever be challenged by this scandal.

During his most recent scandal, which resulted in his split from Abedin, he sent a picture of himself to the woman with whom he was having a digital affair. During this exchange, his son was sleeping right next to him.

It is understandable for anyone to wonder how this man became a representative. As of a few days ago, however, Weiner probably became the most hated man in the Democratic Party. His lecherous nature has directly led to yet another FBI inquiry involving Clinton, as well as a negative media firestorm. More importantly, he has given Trump tools on a silver platter with which he can meld the new FBI investigation to whatever absolute buffoonery he wants it to be.

While it still seems likely that Clinton has a better chance of winning this election than Trump, the thinning gap is definitely a cause for alarm. It is especially so with recent talk of democrats possibly being able to retake Congress to some extent, a victory that could only come with a powerful defeat of Trump by Clinton. Those rooting for Clinton to win are probably  the ones who will suffer greatly if she loses the upcoming election.

It has probably been said before, but it needs to be reiterated—Trump's loss cannot have the hallmarks of something close to a win. He will attempt to spin it that way if he loses. But his loss would only rile more support for a new breed of brutally right-wing populists.

Trump has to lose in a way that breaks his supporters’ newfound confidence. Trump has tried to forge an idea of an imaginary golden age, where if an individual is not male, straight and  white, then that individual cannot succeed. This ideology cannot be prized in our society.

Unfortunately, it is an idea about as real as Trump's hair color or his policy positions, as well as something that needs to be pushed away to bring the United States into a brighter future. U.S. citizens cannot allow someone as positively disgusting as Trump to become commander-in-chief.

Come Election Day, please consider that the United States faces a dire test in terms of how to move forward as a cohesive unit. This country is a nation that is brutally imperfect in some ways, but it is a nation with room to change nonetheless. Make no mistake, the choices of who will succeed current President Barack Obama could be far better, but the current candidates are all that have been offered at the moment.

Forget the third party nonsense, this year requires decisive action for every single U.S. citizen.

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