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Golden Key promotes student unity


Golden Key International Honour Society only takes the top 15 percent of students worldwide. At Baruch College, that percentage includes those with a GPA of 3.5 and above.

Golden Key stands on three pillars: academics, leadership and service. The academic pillar is exemplified by the many academic workshops Golden Key hosts along with its close relationship to the Student Academic Consulting Center. In fact, many Golden Key members are tutors at the center. The leadership pillar is demonstrated by the 26-member executive board that is held to high standards and is always being trained, whether that training involves speaking to past executive board members or attending leadership workshops. The last pillar, service, is a huge part of the club. Golden Key holds a book drive, creates cards for hospitalized kids and is a partner of SPARK a Change, an organization focused on giving students in low-income or troubled communities the opportunity to read, write and grow. The focus of Golden Key is to be a place that allows its members to grow holistically.

When asked what three words they think would best describe Golden Key, both the president of Baruch’s chapter, Katharine Tubby, and the vice president, Bonnie Mahmud, chose the motto of Golden Key’s headquarters: “Unlock Your Potential.” The executive board’s goal is to encompass the motto and help all its members reach their fullest potential.

Among other things, a leader must be able to teach his or her team how to be the next generation of leaders. Tubby’s goal is to invest in her members, especially those who have a mutual vested interest in Golden Key; seeing them grow is what drives her as a leader.

Tubby started as a public relations associate her freshman year. She loved that she was pushed to do more and to be outspoken and confident. She eventually ran for director of public relations and is now president of Golden Key's Baruch chapter.

Mahmud was a student at Hunter College when he first started participating in Baruch's Golden Key. He loved the friendly environment and how inviting everyone was, as if they were a family. Golden Key had such an impact on Mahmud that it was one of his main reasons for taking the plunge and transferring to Baruch. To him, the club environment at Baruch is one of a kind and better than the one at Hunter. The warmth and openness that beckoned Mahmud to Golden Key is how he plans on making others feel. Like Tubby, he wants to see growth in members.

Two of Golden Key’s many events are “Meet the Legends” and “Clash of the Bearcats.” “Meet the Legends” is a Spring semester event that kicked off last year and which Golden Key plans to host annually. It is a large-scale professional development event and invites both Golden Key and non-Golden Key alumni to speed network with current members.

The special part of the event is that the professionals come in knowing that they will be meeting with a unique niche of students and can specifically cater to them one-on-one. “Clash of the Bearcats” is a sportier event with various competitions to bring out the competitive side in students. Last year, the games were split among different rooms and were livestreamed.

Golden Key’s club room is 3-233 in the Newman Vertical Campus and its upcoming event is “Interview Strategies with Bank of America” on Sept. 28. This event will include a panel of Baruch and Golden Key alumni who will teach how to prepare for an interview.

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