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Dion debuts collection of accessories

The world of art has always been a creative melting pot of ideas, styles and mediums.

Recently, the most prominent art forms to emerge are music and fashion, and the latest person to embrace the joint power of these two is Celine Dion.

The Canadian pop diva is one of the most celebrated vocalists in history. She is known for her glass-shattering voice and timeless songs, such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “My Heart Will Go On.” Dion is also a prominent fashionista.

Following the death of her beloved husband René Angélil and brother Daniel Dion, the singer’s style became a vehicle for recovery. In the past two years, she has made a sensational couture comeback, becoming an international fashion icon by productively collaborating with Zendaya’s stylist, Law Roach.

Her femme fatale Vogue photoshoot in Paris and stunt eating a hot dog from a street vendor wearing a Met Gala gown in New York are just two of her most prominent fashion statements.

But Dion wanted not just to wear fashion, but to create it as well. She partnered up with the Canadian accessory brand Bugatti to launch a collection of designer handbags, luggage and accessories that will be the inaugural line of a lifestyle brand Dion is planning to create around her image.

Launching in late September, the line will consist of over 200 pieces that will be sold at Nordstrom and on Dion’s official website.

The prices will vary from $78 to $368, the value ranging in price point similar to those of prominent luxury brands, like Michael Kors and Kate Spade.

At an exclusive event earlier this year, Dion stated that this collection is a thank you to her loyal fans who have supported her during personal hardships. She appreciates how much her fans have stood by her side and wanted to create a line that would be affordable for all of her fans.

A capsule collection consisting of 14 items is already available at Nordstrom. The collection includes traditional totes, satchels, crossbodies, saddle bags, hobos and clutches. The items bear names of musical terms, such as Symphony, Espressivo, Vibrato and Octave, honoring Dion’s classical music training, as well as reinforcing the integration of music and fashion.

However, the design of the bags proves to be less ambitious than Dion’s ever-growing sense of fashion.

The minimalist approach fails to represent the edge in the singer’s style. The classical influences also affect the line, as they make it looks more old-fashioned than vintage.

Dion wanted to create a collection of practical pieces with a polite dose of chic. Unfortunately, the simple but classic look gets overshadowed by the dullness of the designs, making the pieces appear plain. The Presto Nylon Tote looks like it could be purchased at Forever 21. The only interesting items of the collection are the satchels, which are elegant and sophisticated, with practical pockets and handles.

Unlike the more successful celebrity clothing lines of Jessica Simpson and Ivanka Trump, the debut Dion collection suffered by playing it too safe. It will also be challenging to find a market for Dion’s brand, as there are only so many people who would buy a product simply because they are a fan of its designer.

However, there is potential for Dion to translate her personal and fierce style into her products. It has been almost 30 years since her career in the United States began, so it is time for the bestselling artist to solidify her legacy by establishing a fashion empire.

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