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Club targets thrill-seeking students


When Vlad Bahdzel and Firuz Vahobov transferred to Baruch College, the two finance majors sought a club that could satisfy their love for outdoor activities.

Bahdzel recalls becoming a part of Absolute Adrenaline two years ago after attending his first general interest meeting and paintball event. He noted that these were the only two events the club offered throughout the entire academic year.

Absolute Adrenaline was founded by Peter Lee in 2011 and boasted several different outdoor activities. However, these events eventually became few and far between.

“I found that this happened because most of the e-board members of Absolute Adrenaline, including the founder, graduated right before I came to Baruch and new e-board didn't have a smooth transition,” said Bahdzel. “One semester after, Absolute Adrenaline was trying to restructure itself. However, the attempt was unsuccessful and there were no events organized.”

At the beginning of this year, Bahdzel took over as Absolute Adrenaline’s president and was forced to start it over from scratch. According to Bahdzel, the club’s inactivity made it so that new Baruch students were not aware of the club’s existence. Bahdzel began by finding students who were interested in joining the club’s executive board, including Vahobov, who currently serves as treasurer.

“Absolute Adrenaline gives students a chance to socialize and adapt to school through some outdoor events and getting fresh air,” said Vahobov, who transferred from Kingsborough Community College. “It is mostly focused on keeping students healthy and free of stress from school, and not letting them feel bored at school.”

Since March, the club’s new executive board has made it its mission to organize a wide array of indoor and outdoor activities, while also promoting the club to students. It has also made it its goal to organize more on-campus events during club hours.

In order to better promote the club’s focus on an active and healthy lifestyle, Absolute Adrenaline only offers healthy food at its events, although Bahdzel admits that, “it's much more expensive for us.” This practice stands in contrast to food that is typically present at events during club hours.

The club has since hosted a multitude of outdoor and indoor events that challenge students’ stamina and level of fitness in safe and fun ways, including apple picking, dodgeball, go-karts, hiking trips, indoor rock climbing, kayaking, laser tag, paintball, skiing, soccer tournaments, snowboarding and a trampoline park trip.

According to Vahobov and Bahdzel, the club’s paintball trip is easily one of the most popular. On Saturday, Oct. 29, the club travelled to Skirmish USA in Pennsylvania for its fifth paintball trip. For that event and other similar large-scale events, more than 100 students request to attend on average.

The club is sometimes challenged when organizing events due to safety issues brought up by the Office of Student Life. Despite this and a limited club budget, Absolute Adrenaline manages to make nearly all its events free or covers a significant amount of what students would normally have to pay if they went alone.

“We’re planning to expand and get more of a budget so we can skip the part of charging students,” said Bahdzel. “More money in our budget will allow us to do more than one large-scale outdoor event.”

Looking toward the Spring semester, Absolute Adrenaline hopes to host a whitewater rafting trip as well as expand in terms of members.

For more information about Absolute Adrenaline, go to their Facebook page

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