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Battlefield 1, PlayStation VR headset among October releases

As the video game industry gradually gears up for the busy Christmas season, developers are releasing their best titles at a much faster pace. Several games are slated to come out and dazzle the industry in the month of October.

Throughout 2016, support for Nintendo’s Wii U console has dramatically decreased, with the sale numbers going ever further down the moment Nintendo announced that it was working on a new console, the NX. The last major Nintendo release on the Wii U was the latest installment of its Paper Mario RPG series, Paper Mario: Color Splash. As with the previous installment, Sticker Star, this new game sees the series move further away from its traditional role-playing game roots and move on into other types of gameplay styles, namely the sticker-based combat mechanics of its last game. The first Wii U title of the series is slated to be released on Oct. 7.

Video games based on major movie licenses have had a very hit-or-miss track record in terms of quality. Friday the 13th: The Game, inspired by the classic horror film franchise Friday the 13th, has yet to prove on which side it stands. First appearing on Kickstarter in 2015, social media hype pushed it to quickly surpass its goal.

Based in a semi-open world map, the game is an eight-player survival horror game set in the fictional camp called Crystal Lake during the events of Friday the 13th. Seven players take control of teenage camp counselors who have to survive the entire night without getting brutally murdered by the series’ long running antagonist Jason Voorhees. One player takes control of Voorhees and goes on a killing spree throughout the camp. With his heightened senses and an added teleportation ability, anybody taking control of him automatically has the upper hand. This, however, does not mean that Voorhees is completely invincible. When playing as counselors, the game encourages teamwork and planning as the sole method of defeating Voorhees. If all the counselors are killed, all of the highlights are presented in a homage to vintage horror movie trailers from the 1980s. Augmenting the tone and gore of the game is a new soundtrack from longtime film series composer, Harry Manfredini, and the appearance of Kane Hodder, a stuntman who played Jason Voorhees in several films of the Friday the 13th series. Hodder will reprise his role in the game via motion capture.

While a release date has not been set yet, developers have announced that this game will be released sometime within the month.

The next main installment in the Battlefield series is finally arriving after three years. This time around, however, Electronic Arts and its Swedish studio EA DICE are taking things in a slightly different direction. While previous games have taken place in various time periods, including the future, this latest installment sees the franchise travel all the way back to World War I.

While not much information about the single player campaign’s storyline has been disclosed, it has been confirmed that major battles from the war will be the settings for pivotal missions. Multiple map pathways and open world environments have also been confirmed for the campaign. In keeping with the overall theme of the game, weaponry from that era, such as mustard gas, bolt action rifles and artillery, have been confirmed for the game, as well as a wide variety of the period’s machine guns. A wide selection of weapons, including swords, trench clubs and shovels, is available at the player’s disposal. The multiplayer mode will include nine initial maps in regions like Arabia, the Western Front and the Alps, and will support up to 64 players in a single open match. Six modes of gameplay will be offered, including conquest, domination, operations, rush, team deathmatch and war pigeons, with the last mode seeing the player securing carrier pigeons and using them to call an artillery strike against the enemy forces. After a successful public beta run back in August, the game is slated to be released on Oct. 21.

However, the biggest event of the month is not a game at all. The PlayStation VR is the newest installment of the PlayStation line of hardware and Sony Computer Entertainment’s first ever venture into virtual reality. Though the project was announced to the public last September, the PSVR itself was in development since 2011.

While Sony is marketing it as a separate device, the VR headset is actually an accessory for the PlayStation 4. The headset itself, which is controlled with either the DualShock 4 or the PS Move motion controller, is capable of displaying two different images at the same time, one on the visor and another on the television. As Sony explains, the reason for the dual display is to prevent virtual reality “from invariably being a solitary experience.” While several PS4 games are coming out with optional VR features, there will be a few games at launch that will work exclusively with the device. These include Batman Arkham VR, DriveClub VR and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. The headset, alongside the aforementioned games, will be released on Oct. 13 with a retail price of $399.

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