Super Bowl predictions from The Ticker Staff


All-Pro Reels | Wikimedia Commons

The 2023 Super Bowl is on the horizon, as the Kansas City Chiefs will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona. Some of The Ticker staff contributed their predictions as to who will win the Super Bowl, and the results are unanimous.

Emanuela Gallo – Editor-in-Chief | Kansas City Chiefs

My prediction for the Super Bowl is that the Chiefs will beat the Eagles. While the Eagles’ defense is very good, I think that Patrick Mahomes will pick them apart and manage to find people open, especially his favorite target, Travis Kelce. The Chiefs’ defense has been playing solidly lately. I think the score will be 35-28. The Chiefs and Mahomes will raise the Lombardi trophy once again.

Caryl Anne Francia – Business Editor | Kansas City Chiefs

As a non-football fan, I started a tradition of consulting with several cats about their winning pick for last year’s Super Bowl predictions article. Each cat would choose between two pieces of paper with the two competing teams’ names written on them.

Lola, the cat at my local dollar store, hid from me in shame. She didn’t want to disappoint me again after choosing the Cincinnati Bengals.

Like I did last year, I asked Baruch College junior Katerina Ventouratos to have her cats, Olivia and Salem, predict the winner. Olivia sniffed around the Eagles but ultimately chose the Chiefs. Salem chose the Chiefs, too.

Being a New York Giants fan, staff writer Matthew Grubin was disappointed when his cat chose the Eagles. Although he is not a cat, senior staff writer Jahlil Rush chimed in by picking the Eagles after submitting his business article.

To break the tie, I asked a stray cat outside my window to meow once for the Eagles and twice for the Chiefs. The second meow ultimately went to the Chiefs.

Maya Demchak-Gottlieb – News Editor | Kansas City Chiefs

While the Eagles might be slightly favored to win this year’s Super Bowl, I’m picking the Chiefs.

In the past, I’ve been skeptical about whether Patrick Mahomes lives up to the hype surrounding him, but watching him push past his high ankle sprain in the AFC Championship may have made me a believer in the 2023 NFL MVP.

After a resilient game, a 5-yard Mahomes scramble late in the fourth quarter set the Chiefs up to kick the game-winning field goal.

Although Jalen Hurts has led the Eagles to a phenomenal 14-3 season, Mahomes has also had the best season of his career, leading the NFL with 5,250 passing yards and 41 passing touchdowns.

Arguably the biggest hurdle for the Chiefs is their injuries. In addition to Mahomes, Travis Kelce has grappled with a back injury, wide receiver Mecole Hardman is on injured reserve with a pelvis injury, wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is listed as questionable with a knee injury and wide receiver Kadarius Toney is listed as questionable with an ankle injury. The Chiefs also have injuries on the defensive-end, with cornerback L’Jarius Sneed is listed as questionable for a concussion and outside linebacker Willie Gay Jr. is listed as questionable for a shoulder injury.

Despite these challenges, the Chiefs have an explosive offense, a brilliant head coach in Andy Reid and a quarterback who is as motivated as he is talented. They have shown they can overcome such challenges, and I believe they can prevail again in the Super Bowl.

Dani Heba – Sports Editor | Kansas City Chiefs

Following an exciting playoff season with some of the NFL’s top teams, the final showdown has come between Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs versus Jalen Hurts and the Eagles. Given the playoff experience Mahomes and the Chiefs have, I’m going to bet on their win.

Mahomes is no stranger to the Super Bowl, with this Sunday being his third appearance. He won his first Super Bowl in the 2019 season against the San Francisco 49ers after leading a spectacular comeback, winning the Super Bowl MVP in the process. But in the 2021 Super Bowl, Mahomes played arguably the worst game of his career in the team’s loss to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Mahomes and the Chiefs will be hungrier than ever to avenge their recent losses. They missed the Super Bowl last year in an overtime loss to the Bengals, whom they beat this year, led by Mahomes on one leg. If an injured Mahomes can lead the way against a Super Bowl contender like the Bengals, I can only imagine what he’ll do healthy this weekend.

Additionally, the Chiefs still have its core, including tight end Travis Kelce. The loss of wide receiver Tyreek Hill hurts, but the Chiefs have shown it can get the job done without him. The Chiefs’ star power may be simply too much for the Eagles’ defense and Jalen Hurts to overcome, considering this will be Hurts’ first Super Bowl.

No matter the outcome, it figures to be a competitive game.