Increased enrollment calls for continued and improved support


Mohamed Hassan | Pxhere

The Editorial Board

Over 14,000 returning students enrolled into CUNY classes this academic year, exceeding CUNY Reconnect’s goal of 10,000. The increase in students calls for a proportional increase in available resources to keep students enrolled.

The initiative, announced last fall, targeted individuals who earned some college credit but not a degree, and high school graduates who didn’t enroll into college due to COVID-19 pandemic struggles.

“Through CUNY Reconnect, former students receive personalized support to connect them to the opportunities for socioeconomic mobility that the University continues to provide as part of its mission,” Chancellor Félix Matos Rodríguez said.

A team of navigators assisted these prospective students who had academic and financial issues. However, their success is dependent on continued access to these resources.

Increased enrollment numbers come with higher demand for resources that are already stretched thin. Counseling, academic advising and student study space are among the most desired for current students.

Building and improving these essential resources takes time. It is difficult for accessibility to increase at the same rate as enrollment.

However, CUNY is responsible for ensuring that students don’t fall through the cracks.

For many students, graduating on time is dependent on being able to find an academic advising appointment. Improving one’s GPA or handing in a final essay could be dependent on meeting with SACC or the writing center during finals season.

Navigating the financial aid process as a first-generation student, as many CUNY students are, requires guidance from the financial aid office.

The expansion and improvement of these resources are essential to support students, especially those returning after a period of being away.