Spotify commemorates year of listening with annual ‘Wrapped’ 2022


Spotify Wrapped 22 | Spotify Newsroom

Patricia Prado

Spotify unveiled its musical lookback of the year with the release of its annual “Wrapped” feature on Nov. 30.

With an Instagram story-esque layout and a simple tap, listeners uncover their top five artists, genres, podcasts and songs along with new features added to this year’s Wrapped.

According to Alex Bodman, Spotify’s global executive creative director, and Taj Alavi, global marketing head — the creative team,Spotify workssix months in advance to construct Wrapped in 70 different languages. The team perfects it with unique features to personalize each Wrapped accurately to match what listeners love and anticipate all year round.

This year’s new features include “Audio Day” and “Listening Personality.”

Audio Day presents the narrative of a listener’s listening day, categorizing their mornings, afternoons and nights into different categories such as “somber, bittersweet, pastel goth, joyous, etc.” Some people are confused about what each category exactly entails, but the feature is still interesting enough to be shared on their social media accounts.

This year’s “Listening Personalitymirrors the Myer-Briggs personality test, allowing listeners to better understand their music taste from 16 diverse categories such as: “Adventurer” and“ Replayer.”

Although it’s not an entirely new feature, this year’s Artist Wrapped presents the new “Your Artist Messages,” feature.Listeners receive personalized video messages that express gratitude from their most streamed artist, along with the presentation of their top song from that artist.

Spotify also revealedits global top lists for the year. Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny was ranked No. 1 once again, making him the most streamed artist globally for the third consecutive year. Artists such as Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS join him on this list, making them the top five streamed artists globally.

Harry Styles’ “As It Was” ranked No. 1 of the list of top five most streamed songs globally.

Fourth place and fifth place on the list went to the two hits “Me Porto Bonito” and “Titi Me Pregunto,” which are both from this year’s most streamed album globally, “Un Verano Sin Ti”’ by Bad Bunny..

Writer Rachel Chapman, experiences writer for Elite Daily, was pleasantly surprised by how accurate her Audio Day was. Spotify categorized her mornings as “sad boi, heartache, energetic,” which is explained by her consistent morning rotation of both “Matilda” by Harry Styles and “Run BTS” by BTS.

Spotify’s creative team constantly innovates Wrapped and its features to leave listeners surprised by its results. Regardless, listeners continue to anticipate their  annual Wrapped.