A little credit advice jumpstarts business ventures and personal adventures

Matthew Nunez

Welcome to the last issue of Credit Fundamentals.

In the last issue, we focused on some more debt criticisms. For this issue, we will talk about my credit story and how I am currently doing with credit.

I went to Miami in summer 2021 for a business convention, and as part of the festivities, there was a photographer who made sure to take shots of every event.

I was curious about the photographer’s business, so I asked him about it when everyone went for a break. He started telling me about his life story, and how he hustled before getting his business off the ground.

What he told me next was one of the most important things I’d ever learn.

He said a lot of successful business owners live in Miami. Regardless of what business they run, the one thing they have in common is good credit.

He told me to get a secured credit card and put a small payment on it. That way the payments can be reported, and I can start building a solid credit history.

Little did I know that this photographer was teaching me how to leverage debt well before I took the “Principles of Finance” course at Baruch College. To top it off, his explanation wasn’t framed in the context of the capital structure of a large business. He gave me ideas for potential businesses.

I started building credit at age 18, excited for the future ahead.

Fast forward to two years and seven credit cards later, my credit score is 777 — the angel numbers. I submitted an application to establish an LLC with a business partner. I will soon establish business credit and hopefully, be able to generate a decent income from this venture.

It’s funny how a chance encounter can determine and unlock new possibilities for your life. My goal with this issue has been to be that same chance encounter person for someone else — writing about credit and hopefully having an impact on anyone, whether it be encouraging them to open a business or take out a mortgage.

Hopefully, I saved people some interest, but what I am most excited for is the endless travel stories that someone acquired from earning travel points.

I had a great time writing this column, and it was so fun writing about one of my interests. Perhaps I will return with another column during my senior year at Baruch. But for now, I’m trying to secure that summer internship.

It has been a pleasure, and do not hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you would like to talk more credit.