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Boy band BROCKHAMPTON mellows out on new record GINGER

Lara Solanki/Netflix
Nicolas Padovani | Wikimedia Commons

Compared to the rest of their discography, GINGER takes the group in a different direction, but that does not mean they stray from what made them so popular. 

GINGER proves to be a solid addition to the impressive discography that BROCKHAMPTON has been able to build up in a short period of time.

The album’s opener, “NO HALO,” sets the tone for the entire album. It begins with a soothing acoustic guitar riff as Kevin Abstract sings the intro of the track, and then Matt Champion drops a few bars that BROCKHAMPTON fans are used to. 

The opening track demonstrates that BROCKHAMPTON is able to adapt to a sound while still being able to utilize each members’ talents to their fullest.

The album’s lyricism touches upon topics of religion, money and drugs. It is a major contrast to how mellow some of the tracks are.

 A great example of this can be seen in the track, “I BEEN BORN AGAIN.” The track features vocals from six of the members, discussing the childhoods and the misfortunes that came with their monetary success and triumphant music careers.

However, the most common theme found throughout most of the album is religion, with references to the Bible and Buddhism. As a result, the group is able to successfully create a cohesive track listing that has a common theme throughout the album.

Each track is able to flow into the next with ease as a result of each song containing similar themes and it is further established due to the great producing that the group was able to accomplish. The vocals and the rapping are at the forefront of every track.

It is unapologetically in your face, but behind the vocals are hidden layers of beats in the background of most tracks that can get unnoticed. This results in the listener wanting to go back to each track, with the album rewarding the listener with each new listen.

The album’s strongest moment is without question, “DEARLY DEPARTED.” The track discusses Ameer Van’s departure from BROCKHAMPTON. The verse by Dom McLennon details an incident where Ameer Van set up a friend of Dom’s to be robbed. It gives fans insight to the demise of the relationship between Ameer and the group. 

The track proves to be the most emotional on the entire album. The track has passionate vocals and heavy bars that transcend the entire record.

The group announced in 2018 that Van would no longer be in BROCKHAMPTON over sexual misconduct allegations.

It seems that BROCKHAMPTON has continued their ascent to becoming icons for modern hip-hop but above all else they have a special place in the hall of fame for boy bands.

For some BROCKHAMPTON fans, it may be a little awkward getting used to this slightly softer approach, however, throughout the album the group is still in touch with their roots and inspirations.

BROCKHAMPTON deserves enormous credit for keeping themselves relevant for the last part of the decade when there are constant projects being released by incredible artists. The production on the album is gorgeous and the many themes found throughout the record are extremely deep as well as profound.

 If there was any doubt that the creative drive from the group may have run dry or has been put on halt, GINGER showcases BROCKHAMPTON’s creative output is far from over, leaving the listener hungry for more.

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