Overcrowded bulletin boards are hurting club life

The Editorial Board

Ever since Baruch College transitioned from online learning to in-person, student life has boomed with various new clubs, activities and events taking place on campus every week.

The increase in campus presence has resulted in an increase in the amount of club flyers crowding bulletin board. These flyers mostly aim to spread the word of various happenings to students.

The administration has been promising new bulletins since 2018, according to old notices still tacked onto the wall. It is about time they deliver on their promise.

Nowadays, overcrowded bulletins are making it difficult for clubs to effectively disseminate information about their meetings and events.

Additionally, clubs that are not as well established may have a hard time promoting their organization, making it difficult for club leaders to get their ideas off the ground.

By installing new bulletins, the administration could revitalize the Bearcat spirit on campus.

Students would be encouraged to look outside of traditional classes and join professional or social clubs.

These clubs can not only help students cultivate networking skills, but also facilitate the process of making connections with other students and faculty.

Leadership positions within clubs can also be a helpful addition to a resume to show versatility beyond academic achievements. Overcrowded bulletin boards are hurting club life

Social media is a great way to spread a message, but there is nothing like seeing a poster to rile enthusiasm, especially one that students can physically pass to each other.