De Blasio, don’t forget your NYC roots


Wikimedia Commons

The Editorial Board

The 2020 presidential race is in the works, and many are candidates vying for the Democratic seat, including New York City’s very own mayor, Bill de Blasio. Ever since announcing his candidacy, de Blasio has received a great deal of backlash, especially from New Yorkers. 

During the Puerto Rican Day parade, the city’s largest parade, New York residents hopped to see their mayor supporting the large Puerto Rican community, but instead de Blasio was in Iowa campaigning. It seems as if he put the needs of his campaign ahead of the needs of the people that voted for him.

The issue at hand is not that de Blasio is already a mayor and should not be allowed to run, but the fact that he is shirking his responsibilities and expectations as mayor of the largest city in the country to focus on his campaign. With being the mayor of such a large metropolitan area, certain expectations need to be met.

There are other candidates running that also hold some kind of government position, but they have a balance with their responsibilities and their campaigns. In de Blasio’s case, New York feels like he is turning his back on the city and on the people.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to jump positions, but de Blasio also has to learn to balance his current position with his campaign work. If he does not want to continue to upset the people
that originally voted him in, some changes with de Blasio’s priorities need to be made.