USG Report: Baruch raises disaster relief funds


Courtesy of Osvaldo Garcia

Osvaldo Garcia

Hello Bearcats!

The Undergraduate Student Government has been working hard recently to bring you several promising updates about the state-of-affairs for students at Baruch College.

Last week, the Philanthropy committee, chaired by Joseph Hernandez, fundraised alongside the Pakistani Student Association to raise money for the environmental crisis currently unfolding in Pakistan.

USG fundraised for the Friends of Indus Hospital, Pakistan’s first free hospital, to help ensure free and quality health care is available for the country’s impoverished population.

USG has been using Pakistani snacks and candy to Baruch students to raise funds. The Pakistani Student Association also brought a cotton candy machine to make and sell treats to students.

The fundraising campaign took place from Oct. 17 through Oct. 20.

The goal of the fundraising campaign was to raise at least $1000 and it was nearly achieved. The USG wants to thank all the students who donated to the campaign.

This week, the Philanthropy Committee will be co-hosting another fundraiser for the recovery efforts happening in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

The event will be co-hosted alongside WBMB Baruch College Radio, the Dominican Student Association, Mexiculture, the Initiative for the Study of Latin America and Latin American Student Organization.

The fundraising is a part of a CUNY-wide initiative to help the two countries recover from the devastations caused by Hurricane Fiona. Any monetary donations will support the Salvation Army Hurricane Relief.

The event will entail music and snacks popular among a variety of Latin and Hispanic cultures. It will take place in the 2nd floor lobby on Oct. 27 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Additionally, USG assisted in the Office of Student Life’s annual Leadership Weekend over the weekend.

All Baruch students can apply to participate in the program, which is capped at about 100 spots.

During Leadership Weekend, students travel to a retreat camp in Pennsylvania and learn how to cultivate their leadership styles.

Students may participate in workshops with both the OSL and USG, during which they can learn about their strengths, receive Diversity and Equity training, partake in team bonding and community-building activities and, generally, push themselves out of their comfort zones.

Leadership Weekend took place from Oct. 20 until Oct. 23.

Art King, the Dean of Students, joined for a leadership workshop on the last day. President Wu also made an appearance.

USG hosted a fireside chat with President Wu, where he answered questions provided by the students.

He delved deep into his past and how his experiences shaped him to be the leader he is today.

USG hopes that Leadership Weekend inspired a new set of leaders and mentors for Baruch’s future!