Baruch’s MakerHub hosts introduction to 3D modeling event

Melani Bonilla, Multimedia Editor

William Wilson, the MakerHub coordinator, hosted an event on 3D printing in the Field Center for Entrepreneurship on Oct. 11.

The event was designed to help students understand the basics of 3D printing through the platform Tinkercad. Tinkerdad is a platform designed to teach people about STEM design, specifically concentrated on 3D Design, electronics and coding.

Upon entry , there was a form for students to fill out, as well as a handout. The handout included basic information on 3D printing, Tinkercad, design tops and important steps to follow.

As students sat in the room, Wilson introduced himself and what the event would encompass.

After this, Wilson pulled Tinkercad up on the projector for students to follow. Wilson commented on the software being used for younger students at the elementary level, but still advanced enough for 3D designers like himself.

With students all having different computers, it was initially difficult to figure out the commands of zooming, orbiting and panning. However, Wilson made sure that each student was on track in figuring out their electronic devices in relation to Tinkercad.

Roughly 11 students then all followed along with Wilson as he presented how to play, shape, and scale with different objects according to the student’s design

He then discussed platforms that could be used to import 3D printing files to project files, decreasing the workload. One platform that was introduced was Thingiverse, where anyone can upload their STL files which could be imported into Tinkercad.

After exploring the programming, students were then brought to a table where previous 3D project models were spread across. The models included things like an elephant and a fidget cube.

Wilson explained how plastics in the printing machines differ in result and price due to thevarious types of plastics, metals and resin that can be used to 3D print.

For Baruch and resource allocation purposes, mainly PLA plastics are used, which Wilson mentioned was one of the cheaper alternatives.

Following the small display, the students were brought to the MakerHub office where they witnessed a 3D print in process.

Wilson noted how alternating colors is achievable, but more difficult with printers like the one in his office. The color options for students included yellow, orange, gray and purple.

After this, the students sat back in their seats to discuss 3D printing in the current world. 3D prints can be found in film sets, fashion and even homes.

Wilson presented an article where students witnessed major film productions like Black Panther, Missing Link and Thor, utilizing 3D printing. Students were shown a video of a a dress and a boat being 3D printed from massive 3D printing machines.

To close the event, Williams instructed students on their next steps to create their own 3D prints. Although the handout only included bullet points, he told students that they could email him for help or counseling sessions .

The Field Center for Entrepreneurship is located in room 2-140 of the vertical campus in Baruch College. It is Baruch’s’ makerspace for technology, design and entrepreneurship – many of their events can be found here.