DegreeWorks receives an update


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Hande Erkan

DegreeWorks, CUNY’s degree audit and counseling tool, was updated by the IT department to create a mobile-friendly user experience, project status updates, drag-and-drop course management and ensure ease of access.

The new user interface improves browsing and availability, including a visual layout, and adjusts and organizes card material to meet the gadget’s display capabilities. For a broad overview of DegreeWorks, updated fast guides and instructional resources are provided for students and advisers. Exploration of different majors, courses, certifications and transfer opportunities is now feasible.

Although some students at Baruch College said the updated version of DegreeWorks is beneficial, several juniors and seniors said that it is unnecessary.

Rosalia Flores, a junior student studying corporate communications at Baruch College said she prefers the previous version of DegreeWorks.

“The previous version was much easier to educate yourself on how to use it where the sections were organized in a simpler and better way to get the hang of it while the updated version has caused a lot of issues and confusion so far with the way it is structured,” Flores said.

Shrey Dimri, a senior student studying marketing management at Baruch, also said they did not understand the change.

“Why fix or change a system that already perfectly works?” Dimri said. “The updated version looks outdated and it has no order and I wish that they did not change it.