Bella Hadid’s spray-on dress captivates the future of fashion

Hailey Chin

The Coperni spray-on dress that wowed audiences at Paris Fashion Week has taken the internet by storm.

The dress was modeled by Bella Hadid, who closed the label’s Spring-Summer 2023 presentation on Sept. 23.

Coperni, a Parisian brand founded in 2013 by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, is known for combining art, scienceand craftsmanship. The name “Coperni” came from Renaissance mathematician and astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus.

This was not the first time the brand made headlines for one of its designs. Earlier this year social media was obssessed over Doja Cat’s hand-blown glass handbag at the Grammys. The bag was named “Swipe,” after the “swipe to unlock” feature on iPhones. This season, an 18-karat gold version of the bag was shown; it was to be melted down after the show to be used in other projects that debuted on the runway.

The dress’s bold design continues to garner public attention for the brand. Hadid’s spray-on dress was executed on the spot, right before the audience’s eyes, creating a unique experience for all those watching. The dress was made with Fabrican, which was created by Dr. Manel Torres in 2003. According to a press release, “short fibers are bound together with natural and synthetic polymers and then mixed with liquid solvents that immediately evaporate once the aerosol hits skin or other surfaces.”

The display included Torres himself, along with the Fabrican team, on the stage, as they sprayed a nearly completely nude Hadid.

Depending on the type of fibers and binding agent used, the material can be manipulated accordingly. This could be seen during the show when Charlotte Raymond, Coperni’s head of design, went onstage and altered the neckline while it was still drying, before finally cutting a dramatic leg slit.

Fabrican is geared towards addressing sustainability, which is an issue within the fashion industry with fast fashion having the most negative impact on our environment.

“You can wear this dress, keep it as a dress and put it on a hanger. But if you don’t want it anymore, you can put back the dress into the liquid and you can immediately spray it again,” Coperni’s creative director and co-founder, Sébastien Meyer, told CNN.

The spray-on coatings can also be used to repair damaged clothing. This method increases the product life of the material. The spray can be reused, which reduces consumption of raw materials and energy, as well as minimizes waste.

According to their website, “Fabrican is committed to developing more sustainable methods of manufacturing, from sourcing of raw materials and utilizing energy-efficient technologies.”

The audience was indeed impressed by the dress. Footage of the dress immediately went viral. After the show, Hadid was the center of attention as the crew, friends and fellow models went to get a closer look at the dress. According to The New York Times, people “gathered to hug and kiss her and touch the alien dress on her body, telling her “congrats, diva,” that she was “un”[expletive] “believable,” that she was “insane.”

Unlike Doja Cat’s hand-blown glass bag, Hadid’s dress is not for sale. It is also not wearable for others as the dress was sprayed directly onto her body and is, as a result, tailored to her body. Instead, Coperni plans to display the dress in a showroom.

“We’re not going to make money on this but it’s more of a celebration of innovation and having strong moments in fashion because we’re passionate about pushing fashion forward,” Coperni’s CEO and co-founder, Arnaud Vaillant said, ahead of the show.

The collection featured other unique designs not to be overshadowed by the dress. One dress referenced actress Fiona Johnson’s red dress in “The Matrix”.  A series of jackets with boxy shoulders referred to characters in the online game Roblox.

“Sébastien (Meyer)’s main inspiration is innovation, whether its technology or the digital sphere,” Vaillant said of Meyer, according to CNN. “So he always has this reference.”