High expectations after NBA media day, preseason excite


Alexander Jonesi

Alexander Jonesi | Wikimedia Commons

Josias Fernandez

Every new NBA season begins with media day. It’s when players brag about how much progress they made during the offseason, discuss coaches’ expectations and explain the keys to winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The fans can watch their new players rocking their new team’s colors and hear their favorite player’s goals for this year.

Media day interviews are also known to stir the pot and create controversy. Here are the best and worst moments of NBA media day 2022.

Kevin Durant said has nothing to prove to Nets fans, while Nets General Manager Sean Marks says that he’s not Durant’s boss, but rather his partner. Meanwhile, Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving characterized the offseason as a mess.

Irving also talked about his decision to remain unvaccinated and how it affected his contract negotiations with the Nets.

“I didn’t appreciate how being unvaccinated came to be a stigma within my career that I don’t want to play, or that I’m willing to give up everything to be a voice for the voiceless,” Irving said.

In Boston, Celtics players found out about the Ime Udoka scandal and suspension at the same time as the rest of the NBA word did. Star forward Jayson Tatum said he became aware of the situation through Twitter “like everybody else” when asked how he heard.

In Phoenix, center Deandre Ayton, seems unhappy with the Suns, who refused to give Ayton a max contract and waited until the Indiana Pacers offered him a lower contract so Phoenix could match. The atmosphere in Phoenix appears to be falling fast.

Following media day, the preseason began far from the United States, as the Golden State Warriors played a back-to-back set against the Washington Wizards in Japan.

The Warriors won both games, as fans watched James Wiseman playing for the first time since a meniscus injury forced him to miss last season.

Japan wasn’t the only series of games off of American soil, as fans watched the Atlanta Hawks with new acquisition Dejounte Murray play against the Milwaukee Bucks in Abu Dhabi. Atlanta won both games.

NBA fans also had their attention on games with potential implications for the next draft class.

On Oct.4 and Oct.6, the potential top two picks in the 2023 draft, Victor Wembanyama, and Scoot Henderson, battled it out. The two prospects impressed many NBA scouts in attendance.

In Los Angeles, the Lakers trying to transform their team into a championship contender. Rumors of a trade deal with the Pacers persist, but Westbrook is still set to take the court with the Lakers this year.

Ben Simmons played for the first time as a Brooklyn Net, appearing to be back in great shape. But in Chicago, Bullsguard Lonzo Ball was again in the operating room with the same knee issue that concerned the team’s coaches and fans.

The upcoming NBA season will have many players returning from injury. Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. could play again for the Denver Nuggets, and Kawhi Leonard is set to return for the Los Angeles Clippers. The NBA preseason has given fans high expectations for the upcoming season. Some teams have a lot to show, while others will be heavily scrutinized with their championship windows closing fast.