New Champions crowned at US Open

Tarique Stevens

This year’s U.S. Open was buzzing with excitement as two new champions were born: Carlos Alcaraz in the men’s division and Iga Świątek in the women’s division. Both players finished the season with incredible records of 52-10 and 57-7, respectively.

The new champions punctuated what seems to be the end of an era in tennis, started by Serena Williams when she officially announced her retirement from the sport.

After more than two decades at the pinnacle of the sport, Williams decided to finally put her racket down. Williams dominated the sport during her tenure, alongside her sister Venus Williams, racking up 23 singles grand slam titles and 14 doubles titles.

Not only was she a champion for the sport, but she led with the utmost grace, winning the hearts of fans worldwide.

Despite deciding to depart from competitive play, Williams has so much more to give to the world. She is a businesswoman and first-time mother to her 5-year-old daughter.

While fans wait eagerly to see what is next for the star, the game of tennis has undoubtedly been left in good hands.

Alcaraz, 19, became the first teenager to reach No. 1 in the Association for Tennis Professionals rankings. Looking set to take on the world, he set his sights on returning to Spain to represent his country at the Davis cup. After making history at the U.S. Open, Alcaraz is ready to go again. But the question of whether his body is ready after an exhausting U.S. Open remains.

In the finals for the championship, he played four difficult sets, and with each game determined by small margins. Alcaraz is young, however, and the euphoria from his last win might be enough to take him through his next match.

The Davis Cup is one of the premier events in tennis, dating back to 1900. Giving birth to champions such as Roy Emerson and Harry Hopman, the cup is a proving ground for top prospects of the sport. A loss here could slow down the momentum Alcaraz built at the U.S. Open.

Świątek, 21, has dominated the International Tennis Federation circuit for the past several years. After making her first appearance in the Women’s Tennis Association tour back in 2019, Swiątek hit the ground running after struggling through some tough matches.

She entered the top 50 shortly after and has only continued to climb the ranks. In 2020, she made top 20, climbing all the way to the top four in 2021. Now, she sits at the top of the women’s rankings. What’s more impressive than her amazing growth is the 37-game winning streak she went on to get to No. 1 and eventually secure the U.S. Open championship.

Świątek is a ferocious player who never backs down from a challenge. As she continues to develop her skills, the tennis world watches curiously to see how far her grit and determination will take her. But at the age of 21, Świątek is just starting her story and a new era for tennis.