Apple rolls out new iOS 16 update


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Nathan Woo Yang

On Sept. 12, Apple Inc. rolled out the iOS 16 update that brought users new features. IOS 16 brought a multitude of features including the ability to edit iMessages, changes to lock screen notifications, enhancements to Apple Wallet and the ability to use SharePlay from messages.

The new update is available for the iPhone 8, second generation SE and later models. It is sized at 2.8 GB. The release of iOS  16 follows the usual cycle of new iOS versions being launched in the fall.

The adoption of this new update was reported to be ahead of that of iOS 15, though the number is still low compared to the adoption of iOS 14. First-day adoption rates of iOS 16 were affected due to updates no longer being forced on users. iPhones offer two software update choices in its settings: the ability to keep using the previous iOS version with security updates or to upgrade directly to the newest iOS version.

There have been a number of changes from iOS 15. Lock screen customization was improved, with users now allowed up to four small widgets to be added below the time. With the “Now Playing” screen moved to the bottom of the screen, the new “Live Activities” feature has more space to showcase ongoing sports games or deliveries.

Additionally, users can  edit or undo a message for up to 15 minutes after it was sent. Deleted messages can be recovered for up to 30 days past deletion. Users can also invite others to work on projects in Numbers or Pages where the activity will be shown in Messages.

Additionally, Mail allows for scheduled sending of emails and for users to undo sent emails. Mail management has also been made easier and less clunky with the option of setting reminders for emails.

IOS 16 introduced a new feature called the iCloud Photo Library that allows the sharing of photos with family; a photo can be saved directly from the Camera App to the iCloud folder. Changes are also reflected in the shared album if a user edits a photo.

The old password system is being replaced by a new “passkey” system. The passkey system allows one to log in or create new accounts without the need to create, memorize or store a password. Apple’s implementation of the passkey system builds on years of work done by the FIDO Alliance.

A new Safety Check feature allows users to turn off all services and apps used in the phone in the event of an emergency. Apple stated that the feature will make it easier to stay private and/or protect personal data and safety, for example, when leaving abusive relationships.

In Apple Maps, the company introduced the ability to add multiple stops, a feature already available in Google Maps but will now be welcome to Apple users. Apple Maps also includes a transit card feature that allows one to replenish a transit card or see the cost of a trip.

Though the update has been seen positively, users noted that there are still bugs that need to be fixed. Syncing issues, battery drain, touchscreen delays, and interface problems were reported.