USG Report: First Voter Registration Drive in 3 years


Laiba Hussain | Courtesy of USG

Laiba Hussain

Hey Baruch students! The Undergraduate Student Government ran a handful of successful events this week, including our Voter Registration Drive managed by Vice President of Legislative Affairs Ashley Chen and her committee.

USG had the privilege of giving away a large number of merchandise, food and love to each and every student that participated in these events.

The Voter Registration Drive was active on Sept. 20 and Sept. 22. A total of 89 students registered to vote over the course of two days.

It was the first such drive held in over three years. This was an incredible comeback with an excellent turnout.

Chair of Clubs and Organizations Jessica Yauri hosted the first club fair booth close to the Voter Registration Drive.

USG representatives met with a large number of people and were able to get many sign-ups for various committees.

Chair of Philanthropy Joseph Hernandez did an excellent job of donning the Bernie the Bearcat for this event and spreading school spirit.

USG also promoted the AI Summit led by the Strategic Planning Committee, in which Executive Vice President Osvaldo ‘Ozzy’ Garcia participates as a student representative.

The Strategic Planning Committee helps set and advance Baruch’s diversity, equity and sustainability goals.

Food was served and the panel was from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In a recent senate meeting, representative Adelaide Ilyasov was promoted to chair of marketing for USG.

She is extremely excited to get started and will be promoting many initiatives for this upcoming year.

The marketing committee is responsible for the management of the social media, newsletter and photography/videography for USG.

VP of Student Affairs Tumaray ‘Toma’ Akikatkyzy is currently in the middle of planning Midterms Week, while VP of Campus Affairs Karen Guange is also working incredibly hard on Homecoming Week.

It has been an extremely successful month so far. Keep on the lookout for more things from USG this year. Until next time, Bearcats!