Candidate dropped out, ended up winning Media Council anyways


Heather Shah | The Ticker

Victoria Merlino

Before voting even started, the ballots for the Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government race were destined for contention.

The Office of Student Life confirmed to The Ticker that a student who had dropped out of the race still found herself on the ballot on election day. Mona Jiang, a Student Media Council candidate from POP!, received 500 votes in the election, according to the unofficial results released by OSL, beating out three candidates who were still in the running.

The two candidates below her, Imagine Baruch’s Carl Rubio and Morris Matalon, received 466 and 465 votes respectively, separated by only one vote. Jiang’s two POP! counterparts also running for the position received more votes than her, taking two of the council’s three slots.

Director of Student Life Damali Smith told The Ticker Jiang was still featured on the ballot because they were printed before she had dropped out of the race. POP! presidential candidate and current President-elect Dakshatha Daggala confirmed that Jiang had dropped out of the race before campaigning started in March. Jiang could not be reached for comment.

OSL was not able to verify the election for the Student Media Council positions, discovering that graduate students and faculty members voted in the undergraduate election. Subsequently, a vote for the three positions will have to occur again on May 13 through May 15. Savanna Ramsey, associate director of Student Life operations, told The Ticker Jiang would not be on the ballot again.

Additional reporting by Yelena Dzhanova.