USG Report: Student senators elections


Osvaldo Garcia

Osvaldo Garcia

Hello Bearcats!

The Undergraduate Student Government will hold a senate meeting with our current senators every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Each senator represents about 1,000 Baruch College students and is required to attend senate meetings to represent their voices.

Currently, there are three vacant positions at the senate meeting table.

The vacant positions include two representative senator positions and a marketing chair position.

Each of these positions is unique and involves specific responsibilities.

For instance, the representative senator is required to attend senate meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Their job is to vocalize the pressing needs and concerns of the student body at the senate.

A senator votes on the approval of club budgets, appeals club budgets and approves the chartering of campus organizations.

They also vote on USG-wide resolutions and policies.

A senator can create events and initiatives that address the needs of students, as well as volunteer to help realize the initiatives of their fellow senators.

A senator can create both standing and ad hoc committees, as well as specific task forces to address projects relevant to USG and the undergraduate student body.

The chair of marketing is a representative senator who is elected to become a chair.

They fulfill the same duties as a senator but with some notable added responsibilities.

The chair of marketing leads a standing committee of members and vice-chairs that focuses on marketing and advertising.

The committee uses official USG media, such as Instagram, Facebook and its website, to promote events and current news among the undergraduate student body.

The committee is also charged with creating a monthly recap video on top of producing weekly newsletters promoting all USG and club-affiliated events on campus.

They also showcase the representative senators on the weekly Senator Sunday posts.

Lastly, they help maintain a professional image on all social media platforms and market USG events and USG co-sponsored events.

There are currently about 18 candidates applying for the positions, with each hailing from different backgrounds in terms of their communities and campus affiliations.

All candidates are ready to make a difference at Baruch, but ultimately, it is up to the senators to decide which candidates will fill the three open positions.

Each candidate is required to give one to two minute pitches in front of the senators, who are then welcomed to ask questions.

After the pitches, an executive session, which is a confidential meeting with the senators and the E-board, will be held.

The senators will look over the applications together and decide which candidates to vote into the vacant positions.

We look forward to having a full team by the end of the month and taking on the fall semester strong!