Hulu’s ‘The Patient’: Who needs who?

Mariana Oliva

If you’re looking for something fresh to watch, this new thriller series might just be for you.

FX on Hulu’s newest limited series “The Patient,” takes a deeper look at the relationship between a therapist and one of his patients who can’t seem to open up about himself.

The psychological thriller was created by Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, who are both known for their work on the FX show “The Americans.”

The show stars Steve Carell, who many may recognize from his comedy role as Michael Scott in “The Office.” Carell portrays the lead character, Alan Strauss, a therapist who will find that there is something sinister lurking in the mind of his patient, Sam Fortner.

Alongside him is Domhnall Gleeson in the role of Sam Fortner. Sam seeks Alan’s help, hoping he can help him suppress his urge to kill after having confessed he is a serial killer.

Although Gleeson plays the role of the unsuspecting murderer, viewers can’t take their eyes off Carell. He does an amazing job at keeping viewers engaged in his struggles and triumphs.

This isn’t Carell’s first work in a dramatic role. The actor can be seen playing the father of a drug-addicted son in “Beautiful Boy.” A shift no one could have anticipated, yet left viewers wanting more.

Alan, although a licensed mental health professional, seems to be going through a crisis himself. He is dealing with the recent loss of his wife, whose cause of death is unknown, yet there are signs of his grief and depression.

Despite having to help others, Alan is going through his own issues and could use some help himself.

Within the first three minutes of the first episode, viewers are left breathless, as the situation Alan finds himself in unfolds. He wakes up to find that he’s not in his house. Confused, he steps out of the unfamiliar bed, only to find that he is followed by a thick metal chain attached from his ankle to the basement floor.

Then he sees Sam, and fear engulfs him.

By the second episode, it’s as if the roles have reversed. In a way, the therapist has now become the patient. Alan has given in and slowly accepted that if he wants to make it out alive, he’s going to have to be willing to invest his time in Sam.

This time, in addition to Sam needing Alan, now Alan needs to listen to Sam in order to stay alive.

With only two episodes released, “The Patient” has already received very positive reviews. The New York Times described the series as “more distinctive and complex than a synopsis suggests.” The Guardian described it as “as fascinating as it is frustrating,” while Rotten Tomatoes has given it an 86% rating.

New episodes of the limited-series are set to air Tuesdays at midnight until Oct. 25.

For those who don’t have a Hulu subscription, now might be a good time to sign up.