USG Report: Incoming students find community through Welcome Week


Osvaldo Garcia

Osvaldo Garcia

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year Bearcats! I hope you are all enjoying your fall semester and getting to meet incredible people in our mostly in-person environment.

My name is Osvaldo Garica and I’ll be serving as the executive vice president of the undergraduate student government for the 2022-23 term.

I’m currently majoring in public affairs with a double minor in journalism and communications.

We started this year with a bang. USG helped spearhead convocation to give a warm welcome to the class of 2026.

After the welcoming remarks, our team of USG representatives were ready to assist any incoming students with problems they might have had pertaining to the campus.

Chair of Clubs and Organizations Jessica Yauri led the club carnival. Over 30 clubs took part in the carnival, where first year students were able to inquire about organizations that matched their interests.

Afterwards, USG facilitated an icebreaker session which entailed conversational and introductory activities to help incoming students develop connections with their peers. The final icebreaker was a massive tug of war competition.

There were free snacks available throughout convocation. USG was also giving away a nifty survival guide to all first-year students.

The upcoming weeks are filled with fun events for welcome week. Vice President of Student Affairs Tumaray Akikatkyzy has worked alongside her committee to schedule multiple events which will help bring out the Bearcat spirit at the start of our semester.

A Blossom Baruch event was recently held where students could participate in a polaroid photoshoot and received free taiyaki ice cream.

In a similar vein, an Exchange Disco event will soon be held for transfer students to have a chance to connect with one another and find community on campus.

During the Exchange Disco, attendees will play bingo to win incredible prizes, with the number one winner receiving a Nintendo Switch.

Our second-place winner will receive a Beats by Dre headset and our third prize winner will receive an Amazon Echo Dot.

Refreshments will be served and there will also be music and time to mingle with other students.

There are also plans for a virtual event called “Where’s Bernie.” Students will guess which Baruch department the Bernie teddy bear is located in.

Students who guess correctly will receive a prize. Last but not least, a Summertime Madness event where students will be able to connect with one another over great food and music will be held.

Overall, we are really excited about the Welcome Week events and can’t wait for all of you to join us!