Flatiron Savings: Where students can eat on a discount

Carly Quint

With most classes and student activities in person this academic year, Baruch College students will likely spend more time on campus and more money at local Flatiron District businesses.

In an inflation-weary economy, students are especially conscious about saving money. Here are some money-saving tips to satisfy hunger while also supporting local businesses.


Pure Grit BBQ

Pure Grit BBQ is new to the neighborhood, opening during the summer. The restaurant is 100% plant-based and offers a gluten-free option at 36 Lexington Ave. They also offer a 15% student discount to the Baruch population.

Main dish options include pulled jackfruit, mushrooms, tofu and Impossible Foods Inc. “meat” with two sides. Other menu items include sandwiches, bowls, salads and multiple sides. There is also a “Meatless Monday” special that advertises “buy one, get one main plate half-off,” so students can bring a friend.

DiDi Dumpling

DiDi Dumpling, located at 34 Lexington Ave., is a fan favorite among students. Almost everything on the menu is under $10.

The restaurant’s most popular options are its combos. These include either five-for-$7.90 or 10-for-$11.85 for pot stickers or dumplings with a choice of lo mien, corn chowder or hot and sour soup. The pot stickers and dumplings come in four different styles: pork, beef, chicken or vegetable.

flip’d  by IHOP

Flip’d by IHOP is located at 110 East 23rd St. It opens at 7:00 a.m. and offers a 15% student discount. Its deals include a Classic Egg Sammie — a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich — with a 16-ounce coffee for $9.49 and a croissant with a 16-ounce coffee for $4.99.

It also sells breakfast burritos, bowls and pancakes and offers a variety of foods for lunch and dinner, including burgers, chicken tenders and salads. A steak burger with fries and a fountain drink costs $11.99.

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is located at 38 Lexington Ave and offers 10% off for all Baruch students.

The menu consists entirely of drinks. There are refreshing, non-dairy fruit teas in different flavors — such as passion fruit, mango and grapefruit — with a variety of toppings, including tapioca. There are also milk teas and smoothies.

La Vera Pizzeria & Restaurant

La Vera Pizzeria & Restaurant is located at 350 Third Ave. It offers a 15% off discount to all students.

The menu includes a variety of dishes, from pizzas to salads to cheesesteaks. Some of its most popular slices are penne vodka, buffalo chicken and rainbow pizza. For students looking for something sweet, La Vera offers cheesecake, cannolis and tiramisu.

Other deals La Vera advertises are “save 5% on orders of $25 or more” and “save 10% off on orders of $35 or more.”

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. has a location at 25 East 23rd St. Although it does not offer a student discount, the Mexican fast-food chain has a rewards system. Ten points are rewarded for every dollar spent in the store via the Chipotle app.

Points can be redeemed for sides, like chips and dip. They can also be used for a full entree, which requires 1400 points. The app also allows for pick-up orders, in case students need to quickly grab a bite between classes.