Students celebrate Homecoming with ice cream event

Amanda Salazar, Editor-in-Chief

Homecoming Day’s second event was “Flic and Dip,” a short-and-sweet type of event where students were able to grab some Dippin’ Dots and snap a quick photo with Bernie the Bearcat in front of a Baruch College backdrop.

The line wrapped around the Bearcat Den as students showed up to take advantage of the free food, which also included cookies, gummy and hard candies and a chocolate fountain with pretzels, in addition to the ice cream.

“My original intention for homecoming this year, or at least the theme I was going for, was a sports game-related thing. With the concession stand, I thought of trying to do like a sports snack concession stand,” said USG Vice President of Campus Affairs Robert da Rita. 

“So, that inspiration came to me based on the theme I wanted to do and gave me that idea to do Dippin’ Dots and maybe a chocolate fountain and some candies. I feel like that’s somethings you find at a sports game, so trying to stick with the theme of the sports game and making a concession stand was what I thought of for that,” he continued.

Da Rita said that he believes the event was a success, and they actually ran out of food before the event was even over because he had expected a lower turnout and had therefore bought less refreshments.

In agreement are the students who made it to the event in the earlier portion of it, such as freshman Amar Qasir.

“I was at the front of the line, thankfully, so I’m happy about that. The food’s good, it’s what I expected,” he said. “I’m glad that the USG goes out and does stuff like this, it’s a good way to meet fellow students here at Baruch.”