New York’s new lieutenant governor wavers on his stances


Delgado For Congress | Flickr

Jahlil Rush, Production Assistant

New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul recently announced Antonio Delgado will serve as New York’s newest lieutenant governor, following the resignation of Brian Benjamin, who stepped down in April in the face of public corruption charges.

Gov. Hochul tweeted the appointment on Twitter, calling him a dedicated public servant with experience.

“Thrilled to announce that Antonio Delgado will serve as Lieutenant Governor of New York and my running mate,” Hochul said in her tweet. “He is a dedicated public servant with a proven track record of delivering for working families — and I know he is going to work tirelessly for every New Yorker.”

Hochul assured the people of New York that Delgado will excel in his new role, emphasizing his background growing up in different parts of New York.

“He understands the heavy burden that falls on working parents, and it’s so critical to build a better future for our children,”Gov. Hochul said in her press release. “And he’ll do so by ensuring access to healthcare, childcare, and high-quality education. He’s also seen the transformative power of statewide economic growth firsthand.”

Delgado comes to the table with creditable and highly accomplished political experience. He served New York’s 19th congressional district from 2018 to now, winning the notable swing district against incumbent Republican Jon Faso.

In Congress, Delgado served as the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credit. He also has a seat on the Small Business and Transportation & Infrastructure committees.

While Delgado aligns himself with the Democratic Party, his win over a district where Donald Trump was favored by seven points can be construed as alarming.

His capability to rally Democrats, independents and Republicans alike might indicate a people-pleasing approach to governing that isn’t conducive to real change.

The Center for Elective Lawmaking, a group from Vanderbilt University that judges political figures on how effectivelythey can pass legislation, ranked Delgado as only the 68th most effective member out of 240 democrats.

In the primary race for lieutenant governor, Delgado will be challenged by former New York City Council Members Diana Reyna and progressive activist Ana Maria Archila.

Archila released a list of questions inquiring about Delgado’s past positions on sensitive issues like health and immigration, according to The New York Times.

Democrats recently failed at ensuring Delgado’svictory after having a newly drawn political mapping district ruled as unconstitutional gerrymandering by New York’s highest state court.

Thus, Delgado must take his platform more seriously. The 2022 midterms are a crucial time during which he can concretely layout his agenda.

Delgado’s days of avoiding partisan fights and cable news shows are over. He must now rise to the occasion and serve all of New York.

Nonetheless, Delgado is new to his position, so it is only fair the public give him a fair chance to serve his public duty in office.

Only time and an important midterm election will tell New Yorkers whether Hochul made the right decision in picking Antonio Delgado as her right hand man.