Farewell Letter from the USG President


Courtesy of USG

Alison Lee

Hello and goodbye to all of you wonderful Bearcats.

Thank you so much to everyone for giving me such an amazing year. It has been an absolute honor being your Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government President for the 20212022 academic year.

This year has been a rollercoaster to say the least, and we’re finally at the end. Through all the ups and downs, it still felt like a blink of an eye. This year we’ve had the honor of throwing our first large-scale in-person events since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

It has been so amazing seeing the club life community and overall Baruch students coming back to campus and bringing back the energy that we’ve missed immensely.

I joined USG my first year at Baruch and ending these four years with USG as well is surreal. This organization and all 108 of our clubs will always hold a special place in my heart.

I hope to see club life thrive even more next year. It’s up to all of you now. The community we have is open to everyone, embracing all cultures and uplifting each other.

I remember seeing events like “Lip Sync Battle,” “Mr. Asia,” “Fear Factor” and all the amazing large-scale events that we used to throw.

It wasn’t just the fantastic way clubs were organized but all the students that came out to support them. You are what makes club life, club life. The energy, the cheers, the smiles, being in the space with each other — I can’t wait to see you all bring it back, better than ever.

I’ve met so many amazing people through this organization and I must thank our USG alumni who helped guide and mold my journey. Big shoutout to my wonderful executive board from this academic year: Vice President Richard Reyes Romero, Executive Secretary Yam-Yu Li and Treasurer Lesli Cuamani.

They have all been such amazing support and truly embody the dream team we were trying to build at the beginning of the year.

The Senate table this year is filled with ambitious, passionate and amazing-hearted students and friends that I will never forget.

This is such a sappy goodbye, but I truly will miss Baruch and everything that comes with it.

I can’t wait to see where you all go, what you bring to the table and all the amazing things I know you’ll all do.

Wishing you all the best energy from here on out. All my best to you all.