Cleared4 system manages random testing and vaccine verification for CUNY

Rachel Dalloo

The Cleared4 Access Pass enforces random testing for students, faculty, staff and visitors who are fully vaccinated. Baruch College serves as one of the many CUNY testing sites.

It also acts as a vaccination verification system. For both the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters, students were required to upload their vaccination documents to CUNYfirst.

Once the documents are approved, their vaccination documents are linked to their Baruch IDs, which showcase their status upon entering a building. They also may register for the “CUNY Access Pass” through Cleared4.

Following this, vaccinated students are “removed from the routine testing program,” according to the CUNY website. However, vaccinated students are randomly selected once a week for testing.

“CUNY has contracted with Cleared4, which is an advanced real-time, health management IT platform,” Director of Public Relations Suzanne Bronski said. “Baruch uses the Cleared4 platform to capture testing results, along with testing and vaccine compliance.”

The Ticker reached out to Baruch students via Google Forms, and students shared mixed feedback on the system.

“[Cleared4 Access] was a tedious process because so much is unknown with the times,” Patricia Alvarado, a political science major, said. “We have to be available to get the covid test. Where we are allowed to get the covid test. Just misinformation in general.”

Alvarado noted that while the process is slow, the system is needed for students who are stepping foot on campus.

“We want to be safe regardless of our vaccination status,” she said.

In early March, CUNY Chancellor Félix Matos Rodríguez announced that mask-wearing inside of the colleges would be optional, which caused mixed reactions from students, faculty and staff CUNY-wide.

“The suspension of mandatory masking does not affect the student booster requirement for those enrolled in hybrid or fully in-person courses,” Matos Rodríguez said.

Though the mask requirement was removed, colleges are still enforcing the vaccination requirement. The Cleared4 system will remain intact, according to Bronski.

“We do not have any information from CUNY that the Cleared4 Access Pass system will be discontinued,” Bronski said. “That said, we will continue to keep students updated on new announcements or developments as we work together to protect the health, well-being, and safety of our community while, at the same time, supporting students’ academic momentum and success.”

Students who have not used the system also shared their thoughts on the system’s function and impact on the Baruch community.

Sebastian Botero, a psychology major, noted that he’s not very familiar with the system but has used it in the past.

“If it’s about the vaccinations, I definitely find it necessary since it could limit the severity and possible transmission of Covid on campus,” Botero said.

There haven’t been any setbacks with the Cleared4 system and random testing has been positive, according to Bronski.

“We are pleased to report that the Baruch community has been compliant with the random testing requirement,” she said. “We have not had anyone who has not complied with the testing requirement, which points to the collective spirit of the community at Baruch.”