USG elections result in clean sweep for S.O.A.R. Baruch


SOAR Baruch

Amanda Salazar, Editor-in-Chief

The Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government elections for the 2022-2023 school year took place from 9 a.m. on April 11 to 4 p.m. on April 13 and the official results were announced on April 15.

The election resulted in a clean sweep for the only party that ran this year, Students Organizing and Re-imagining a Better Baruch, or S.O.A.R Baruch. All S.O.A.R. Baruch candidates who ran won their respective positions.

In total, 1,296 undergraduate student ballots were cast in the election, compared to the roughly 15,000 undergraduate students who attend Baruch. The votes were certified by the Student Election Review Committee on April 14.

For the upcoming school year, the USG president will be Laiba Hussain, who was the only candidate for the presidency. She received 1,002 yes votes and 294 no votes.

“S.O.A.R.’s overarching mission for next year is simply mentioned in our name, as we are a team of students organizing and re-imagining a better Baruch,” Hussain, who is a junior biological sciences student, said. “Our overall goal is to revive Baruch to its former glory and foster a sense of community that every single student can partake in.”

“With club life still being online, and limitations still in place in regard to events, it has been extremely difficult to re-establish this sense of culture in the midst of returning to a hybrid setting,” she added. “Our overall goal for next year is to return student life back to Baruch and we hope to do this through hosting various events, collaborating clubs, and essentially cultivating a brand new sense of community for the entirety of the student body!”

Osvaldo Garcia won the executive vice president position with 1,006 yes votes and 290 no votes. Julie Margolin won the treasurer position, receiving 1,017 yes votes and 279 no votes. Abdullah Mahdi won the position of executive secretary with 1,004 yes votes and 292 no votes.

Together, these four students will make up the USG executive board, starting in July 2022.

Four independents ran this election season, but none received enough votes to win against their S.O.A.R. Baruch counterparts.

Yosef Rainbow and Avrohom Malachowski both ran as independents to become University Student Senate delegates. USS is the federal student government of the CUNY system, if the individual college governments are thought of as state governments.

They received 375 and 446 yes votes, respectively. Neither received no votes. Comparatively, S.O.A.R. Baruch candidates Daniel Flores and Iraj Zia received 925 and 720 votes, respectively. They also did not receive any no votes.

Ronen “Roni” Tarnow-Fine and Kayla Aaron both ran as independents to be representative senators and received zero no votes and 404 and 401 yes votes respectively.

The lowest number of yes votes for any S.O.A.R. Baruch’s representative senator candidate was 728 for Andrea Zhao. The highest number was 800 for Julia DiMarcello.

The results for the positions elected can be viewed on the Student Government Elections webpage of Baruch’s Student Life website.

Editor’s Note: Iraj Zia, mentioned above, is the photography editor and a news writer for The Ticker.