Mishkin Gallery introduces new exhibit: ‘BLUES’

Claire Lehane

Baruch College’s Mishkin Gallery introduced its latest exhibition “BLUES” on March 21.

The gallery is going to have an after-hours event on April 25. This new exhibitionis by Sierra Leone-born, Berlin based musician and artist Lamin Fofana, who attended Baruch College. The focus of his work is on African diasporic experiences in Europe and America, but also touches on the history of migration, the constant movement of people across landscapes and seascapes and the overlapping of experiences.

“It is a scattered project linking continents and dealing with the conundrum of contemporary black life, displacement, the environment,” Fofana said about his exhibit.

The artist mentioned that he is lucky to have the opportunity to pursue his desires. He hopes other Baruch students are able to take away an understanding of the present through the lens of the past.

The exhibit features three large rooms, each with its own unique musicscape composed by Fofana and installations by visual artists Nicolas Premier and Jim C. Nedd.

Each room is its own mini artwork. They are based on crucial Black texts and works by Sylvia Wynter, W.E.B. Du Bois and Amiri Baraka. The one-room is a lounge area where people can sit and read these influential texts.

Two of these rooms feature the short films “Black Metamorphosis” and “I Ran from it and was still in it.”) The former reimagines the life of Jamaican author Wynter based on her book by the same name. The latter tells the story of Du Bois’s text

“Darkwater” and the idea of trying to hide from colonialism and blackness while also being surrounded by them.

“I’m kind of over-analyzing all my feelings and emotions right now,” Nafisa Hasan, a sophomore at Baruch, said as she walked out of the BLUES exhibit. “I will be thinking about this exhibit for a long time.”

She said Fofana inspires her as an artist because of his fearlessness. He is not afraid to reach into the dark under the surface to create his art.