Shooting in subway injures over 10 people, CUNY students affected



Amanda Salazar, Editor-in-Chief

A gunman opened fire in the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn at around 8:30 a.m. on April 12, leaving 16 injured and the New York City Police Department investigating the situation as an act of terrorism, as of press time.

The shooting started on the N train as it was stopped at the platform, according to reports from various sources. Before opening fire, the gunman reportedly threw a smoke bomb into the subway car.

Sixteen people have been injured so far, with eight or 10 shot — reports vary — and others injured in the crowd. Supposedly, some of the injured hopped onto another train to get away from the scene.

Videos and photos from bystanders at the scene show people rushing out of the N train as thick smoke billowed out. One man collapsed immediately upon reaching the platform and had to be helped away from the edge. Other images show people lying on the ground and blood smeared on the platform.

Currently, there is an active search for the shooter. Reports vary in their details, but he was dressed as an MTA worker wearing a gas mask. Some reports say he was wearing an orange vest, while others say he was wearing a green vest.

As a result, N, R, D, W and B trains are currently not running. All yellow and orange train lines are facing delays.

CUNY released an alert on its Instagram story regarding the situation.

“CUNY students, staff and faculty should monitor their school emails for important messages and updates regarding this morning’s incident at Sunset Park,” the message reads. “Please stay clear of the area.”

The Baruch College administration provided The Ticker with the following statement, informing students to go about their day as normal if they have the ability to.

“There is currently a police investigation underway in Brooklyn in the aftermath of a morning shooting in the subway,” a spokesperson for the school told The Ticker. “Baruch’s campus is currently operating on a normal schedule. If you are a student and your ability to get to class is impacted by transit delays or safety concerns, please contact your professor. The College will continue to monitor closely further developments of the Brooklyn incident.”

Baruch’s Office of Student Life also gave The Ticker a statement on the situation.

“We are saddened to hear about the subway shooting situation,” OSL Director Damali Tolson said. “Our activities will continue as planned as our student clubs have prepared for their in-person opportunities. We will continue to monitor the situation and act in accordance with any CUNY or Baruch responses and in the best interest of our students.”

Kingsborough Community College, which is located in Brooklyn, released a brief statement through Twitter on the incident.

“Call 311 if you are in NYC and have been unable to reach someone who may have been impacted by the NYPD activity located near 36th Street and 4th Ave in Brooklyn,” the message reads. “If you are outside NYC, call 212-639-9675. Stay safe, @CUNYkcc family.”

The Ticker reached out to students over social media to hear their thoughts and reactions to the situation as it unfolds. Mariane Caloni, a sophomore computer information systems major at Baruch, said that she lives and works near the incident.

“I actually work near the area, and take the R train daily,” Caloni told The Ticker in a Messenger interview. “As per right now, I can’t make it to school, since the service is suspended. Both my bosses work for schools and they are all taking shelter, no one in or out of the schools in the area. I’m also locked inside the house. We can hear helicopters and police all this morning.”

When asked how she thought the school should handle the situation, she said students should not be expected to come in today.

“Classes should be held online, at the minimum for the rest of the day,” she said. “I personally don’t feel safe taking the subway (if the service is restored).”

Caloni’s feelings echoed the sentiments of other students who reached out to The Ticker.

“Commuting as a POC Muslim woman is not easy as it is due to the recent hike in subway crimes as a fear consumes you especially ever since Michelle Alyssa’s life was taken in a similar manner,” Neha Syed, a junior accounting major, told The Ticker in an email interview. “Today’s incident has shaken me quite a bit and I don’t feel safe commuting at all. Choosing to miss class does impact me quite a lot as I’m enrolled in one of the tougher programs at Baruch, but I’d rather be safe than (quite frankly and with apologies), dead.”

Another student, Jahlil Rush, a senior journalism and communications studies major, said that he lives relatively close to where the incident occurred and that he saw a lot of police officers when he was in the area.

“To hear of such a tragedy by my neighborhood is heartbreaking, I avoided taking the train by a minute as I took the X28 express bus to campus this morning,” Rush told The Ticker through a WhatsApp interview. “The bus drove through Sunset Park via the Belt Parkway so I manage to see the huge police presence near Sunset Park High School. The police also cut off an exit of the highway so traffic was heavy. I never would have imagined a shooting to happen in a quiet neighborhood like Sunset Park.”

He added that he feels the school should have made some form of a public announcement on the issue.

“The school should ensure that all students are not only physically okay but mentally as well for this shooting is an incident that I’m sure no saw coming,” he said.

Fear seems to be the most common thread among Bearcats who reached out to The Ticker.

“I am scared to commute because of the crimes that have been happening lately and I feel as if it is only getting worse,” Laura Cordero, Baruch student told The Ticker through a WhatsApp interview. “I have responsibilities and can’t stay at home all day sheltered from the evil in this world. All I can do is pray and hope I return back home safely every time I leave my house.”

Editor’s Note: Jahlil Rush, who was quoted above, is a Ticker writer.