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Baruch students create meme page as a way to promote school spirit


School spirit in a commuter school such as Baruch College can come in many forms and for these three students — it’s by running a meme account on Instagram about their experience here. 

In an interview with The Ticker, the team behind the “baruchmemesog” account — who remained anonymous — explained why they love going to Baruch. 

“The opportunities at this school are incredible. With that said, anywhere outside of the club room and the school begins to smell of decay. 

People never seem excited to be on campus; there is an enormous lack of school spirit,” said the team. 

“We want to make students laugh and at the same time be proud of Baruch. We are a community of underdogs who do year after year incredible things. Our hope is to give Baruch students Pride in their school.” 

In just a week, the account gathered over 500 followers. The team didn’t expect for the page to blow up as fast as it did. 

“We actually had a conversation where we said, okay if we can hit 200 by Monday that would be incredible. We hit 200 in 24 hours!” 

On Monday the account had over 400. 

Their methodology is to follow “big names in the school, people everyone seems to know.” 

They then went through different organizations on campus to make sure they were getting people from different crowds. 

Their interactions are also growing. They get about an average of four to eight memes a day, often times two or three from the same person. 

The idea for the account came from searching for Baruch memes. “Our team has been involved in various clubs and every club on campus has their own memes.” 

Their favorite meme by far, they explained is, “probably be the one with Michael Scott and 8am finals” 

“That was a great video that took a ton of work and we appreciate all the submissions we get.” 

As for what their plans are for the page, the team explained that they plan on holding “meme wars between groups/clubs, between schools, etc.” 

They also plan on doing roast memes, with the individuals’ permission. 

“The idea for this is to highlight individuals who are doing amazing work on or off campus and while making fun of them, promote the fact that Baruch is full of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists and so much more.” 

Lastly, the team plans on promoting occasional events “to encourage students to get that free food and get involved.” 

“If we get really successful, maybe we can even offer promos for merch,” they said. 

When asked if they ever plan on revealing who’s running the account, they said, “Naturally, some individuals will know who runs the account. They will either figure it out or they could be very close friends to the team. Besides those lucky individuals, this kind of thing is always better as a secret. Sometimes the real magic is in the mystery!” 

One concern the team has is how long can a meme account last because how many memes can one make about broken elevators 

However, they do hope to keep their legacy alive by passing the account down to the next generation of students when they graduate.

“For now, though, we are giving it our best effort and are going to make it last as long as we can,” they said. 

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