USG Report: Successful in-person ‘March Madness’ event


Courtesy of USG

Alison Lee

The Undergraduate Student Government had a very successful first in-person large-scale event held in the Multipurpose Room, “March Madness.” During the event, we were able to have around 200 students join us for some fun-filled competitive games.

Students were able to go around our game booths to play games, win tickets and exchange them for some amazing giveaways like hoodies, shirts, totes, notebooks, webcam covers and some necessities like tissue packs and hand sanitizers.

If you missed the event, USG will be hosting random pop-ups to give out some more of our gorgeous merchandise. Make sure to stay on the lookout on our Instagram, @usgbaruch, for updates. If you ever see us on the secondfloor, stop by, grab a tote and say hi.

The event was fantastic, to say the least. Last year, I was the Chair of Clubs and Organizations for USG, so club life and bringing our community back has been a goal of mine since our term started.

Seeing our students have a space to come together again, share laughs and just be, enjoying a college experience — it’s more than I could ever want.

“March Madness” would not have been possible without the amazing team that we have this year. Such dedicated students work harder every day to give our  Baruch Bearcats the experiences they deserve.

USG has many more events in store for the rest of the semester and I cannot wait for all of you to see our visions come to life.

Amid all the event planning, USG also welcomed a new addition to the Senate table, Kelly Escamilla, an ambitious representative senator. Escamilla has already brought in new initiatives and will be collaborating with Lexicon to do a headshot event in April.

We are all looking forward to the new energy Escamilla will bring and we are also so excited to have her on the team.

USG is a place for everyone. If you just have a question about classes or clubs, our DMs and emails are always open. If you are looking to join USG, we have plenty of committees to explore and find your passion in. It is never too late to get involved, share your ideas and see change at Baruch.

We have less than 50 days left till the semester ends. Make every second count and remember to take time to breathe and just be.