Tyler the Creator is a master performer at Madison Square Garden


NRK P3 | Flickr

Emily Singh

Tyler, The Creator deserves to be at Madison Square Garden and is most definitely a performer needed to be seen live.

On March 14, he made the Garden his own with his powerful vocal deliveries while imbuing every emotion into his music. He has a song for every mood. Accompanied with dancing and vibrant energy his entire show kept the crowd jumping.

Vince Staples, Teezo Touchdown and Kali Uchis were the opening acts of the night. Uchis gave a sensual and airy performance. Some of the songs she performed were “Speed,”“Melting,”“fue mejor”and “telepatía.”

When Tyler began to perform the crowd sang most songs word for word, up to the point where the rapper would let them carry the song on their own.

As someone who values audience interaction above all, Tyler’s engagement with the crowd is powerful as he is able to bring his fans together.

Hearing 20,000 fans sing in unison is thrilling. I teared up and felt goosebumps when fans were singing “EARFQUAKE.”The arena was filled with twinkling lights from fans’ cellphones. Other songs the crowd sang word for word include “I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE” and “I THINK.”

He sang “WUSYANAME” on a boat going from the main stage to the second stage. “911” and “See You Again” were lovely and emotional songs. He did a freestyle about New York. A nostalgic piece was “IFHY,” which he performed flawlessly.

The crowd was ready for the sad music.

“Yonkers” and “Who Dat Boy” were intense as bass boosted throughout the Garden. “NEW MAGIC WAND” was the second to last and Tyler’s most energetic performance. He took off his hat and stomped close to the middle of the stage where the crowd was.

“RUNITUP” was the final song of the night and gave a more relaxed vibe compared to the previous song. It was mellow and less feisty, and I gained a new appreciation of the song because of his performance. The crowd was jumping, almost creating what looked like a wave while Tyler was jumping to the song’s beat.

The crowd was robust and easily adaptable to every song. There were two areas for mosh pits. There was enough room for people to spread out and go to different stages. Fans would swarm every time he moved from stage to stage.

Tyler’s set design, particularly his lighting set up,  made the show magical. In the song “I THINK,” a different light would flicker from blue, red and white every second, reminding me of 3D glasses.

The aesthetics were almost reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” with pastel colors and pale-colored buildings in the background. Not to mention the use of a light blue mansion as a setting on stage, as well as some luggage used by the rapper.

Overall, the concert was a powerful and balanced display of Tyler, the Creator’s artistry.