Mariah the Scientist returns to the R&B scene


Mariah the Scientist | RCA newsroom

Cameron Modeste

The culture of R&B is currently in a state of evolution and growth, so it was only fitting that Mariah the Scientist adds her contribution. She released a four-song EP titled “Buckles Laboratories Presents: The Intermission” on March 11.

This well-crafted 11-minute body of art serves as Mariah the Scientist’s first project following the success of her 2021 sophomore album “Ry Ry World.”

The EP puts fans on a beautiful roller coaster of emotions, which is not an unfamiliar feeling caused when it comes to the artistry of Mariah the Scientist. The anticipated EP was supposed to be released around Valentine’s Day to align with the intimate and romantic quality associated with the holiday.

However, the soul of R&B is very present in this project making it timeless and worth the wait.

Mariah Buckles, better known by her stage name Mariah the Scientist, is the R&B artist to watch for. With only two albums out, she has been able to breathe a new life into the genre. Her catalog consists of bestsellers like “2 You,” “Aura” and “Reminders,” which are only a few hits that showcase the versatility of Buckles.

Mariah the Scientist wasn’t always in the studio producing R&B bops. Prior to her music career, Buckles was in the lab at St John’s University as a pre-med student. In 2018, while studying to become a pediatric anesthesiologist, Buckles took a chance and released her debut six-song EP titled “To Die For” on Soundcloud.

The EP gained lots of public and industry attention, following its success Mariah the Scientist was signed to RCA Records, where she would release her debut album “Master” and her recent album “Ry Ry World.”

Following the success of “Ry Ry World” and a series of live performances, fans have been eager for more music from the Atlanta native.

“Buckle’s Laboratories Presents: The Intermission,” like the title alludes to, is the perfect intermission for the future act of Mariah the Scientist. “The Intermission” is a beautiful 11- minute collection of harmonies that slightly alleviates fans’ desire for new music. It keeps them on their toes and torments them as they wait for what’s next.

The project opens with “Church,” a 5-year-old track that was originally released on Mariah’s debut EP. The song may have been in the archives for a while, but the message still holds: capturing the emotions of what it feels like to be so in love that you willingly submit to your partner.

Next, we are introduced to a new song titled “Only Human.” The track is delivered almost like it’s a letter to a past love, where Mariah is asking for a second chance at a relationship that she caused to end.

It is then followed by “Spread Thin,” a song that possesses the spirit of R&B from start to finish. In a little over three minutes, Mariah the Scientists tells an anecdote about the life of a relationship and highlights the reasons for its demise in a melodious manner.

Lastly, the EP is closed out by “Boys Don’t Cry,” another letter to an ex-lover. Yet with this track, she is revealing a vulnerable side of herself and admitting that she is always going to be there for her past lover regardless of the toxicity of their relationship.

“Buckle’s Laboratories Presents: The Intermission” is the perfect intermission between her past and future projects, showcasing her talent and knowledge of R&B and allowing fans to get to know more about who Mariah the Scientist is.

The EPs success is well deserved. Her evolution and growth as she ascends in the music industry is truly something to look forward to.

“Buckle’s Laboratories Presents: The Intermission” is out now on all streaming platforms.