USG Report: Take advantage of the resources offered at Baruch


Courtesy of USG

Richard Reyes

As an undergraduate student at Baruch College, you have many free resources available to you through your tuition. One resource that has benefited students in their professional careers is the STARR Career Development Center.

The office offers plenty of resources ranging from resume review to interview preparation.

Through STARR, you also have access to “STARR Search” powered by Simplicity. This online platform connects students to hundreds of employers to full-time, part-time and internship opportunities.

This platform also provides students the ability to register for online webinars and events hosted by companies. Due to COVID-19, in-person events have been turned into virtually hosted events, such as the “Career Expo,” where students have the ability to meet, network, and potentially secure an offer with a partner company.

If you have not yet used the services provided by STARR, it is never too late to get started. You can learn more about this resource here.

Apart from STARR, students also have access to the Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC).

Students can receive free tutoring in courses such as accounting, biology, Chinese, chemistry, computer information systems, communications, economics, finance, French, Italian, Japanese, law, management, marketing, music, mathematics, operations management, public affairs, physics, political science, psychology, quantitative modeling, real estate, Spanish, statistics and tax.

Those are the only tutoring courses offered for the spring semester that includes both in-person and online modalities. SACC also offers workshops to provide assistance for SAM projects and midterms and finals for specific courses such as economics and accounting.

An interesting fact about SACC is if you received an A or A- in the tutoring courses offered by the center, you can apply to become a tutor. To learn more about SACC click here.

The final free resource that all students should know about is The Writing Center. This service exists to help students become “a more independent, confident, and versatile writer,” according to its website.

The center offers 50-minute consultations, one written feedback, workshops and provides students with writing guides. This is an excellent resource to use if you have an upcoming paper, midterm or final coming up.

Moreover, if you are looking to improve your writing skills, the workshops are a great resource to take advantage of. To learn more and book an appointment click here.

Once again, these are all free resources paid by your tuition at no extra cost. Make sure to use them before you graduate.