BTS sets the standard with global streaming of Seoul concert



Míriam Sierra

BTS fans, also popularly known as BTS Army, gathered in movie theaters globally to watch a live viewing of their favorite band’s concert on March 12.

The successful boy band was performing in front of a crowd of 15,000 people in Seoul, South Korea.

In total, the virtual concert had an audience of more than a million fans, as it is estimated that 1.4 million people attended the live viewings in theaters worldwide.

Even though Army were almost 7,000 miles away from members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, the fans in New York City knew how to make the auditoriums feel like their favorite group members were right in front of them.

The Regal Movie Theater in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn was packed. Fans came from all parts of the tri-state area because they couldn’t miss this event.

The collective euphoria of the fans was evident, as cheerful screams filled the theater from the very first appearance of the seven boys. Everyone shouted the lyrics, screamed at their favorite idol’s looks and went crazy whenever an impressive dance move was performed.

In summary, no “Permission to Dance” was needed, as every person watching the show enjoyed their time in a carefree and happy way.

BTS performed an impressive setlist of 21 songs, including internationally recognized hits “Dynamite,” “Butter,”  and “Boy With Luv.” They executed astonishing presentations, such as the flashy one for their song “Black Swan.”

All the members were dressed in black and accompanied by  background dancers covered in white-feathered clothes, simulating being the wings of the artists, as if they were literal angels.

Even if the set list was similar to the ones from past concerts, there were a few surprises that left fans speechless. The first one of those is the addition of the song “Home,” which created a beautiful atmosphere as it was a very special moment for the seven boys.

BTS was finally able to perform in its own home, in front of a crowd, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

This lovely moment only turned into chaos with the second surprise of the night, as the band decided to sing their song “Anpanman,” a fan favorite, after more than two years of it not making an appearance on a setlist.

In South Korea, the fans who were able to attend the concert and see their idols in person had to follow strict rules due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Everyone had to be sitting down, the 70,000 capacity of the arena was cut down to 15,000 attendees, and the worst restriction for a fan of a boyband: no one was able to  scream or sing along.

Clappers, hand held noise making toys, were distributed in the arena so that the fans could make some kind of noise to show their excitement.

However, the band members couldn’t stop teasing their fans on the matter, making jokes and gestures all throughout the concert and tempting them to respond to the things they said.

What is clear is that, regardless of restrictions, the global success of BTS is unmatched. They always perform in front of a full audience in huge arenas. Their tickets always sell in mere minutes.

Last November and December, they performed in Los Angeles for four nights at SoFi Stadium which sold over 214,000 tickets, according to Billboard.

In April, BTS will be making another appearance in the United States, this time in Las Vegas. The band received a Grammy nomination under the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their hit song “Butter.”

Apart from attending the awards ceremony, they will be performing at the Allegiant Stadium in four sold-out concerts as part of their “Permission to Dance on Stage” arena tour.

As the band has officially made it back to in-person concerts, fans are wondering where the concerts following their Vegas dates will be held.

Rumors online point to New York City in May. These assumptions are no mere coincidence, as the band has performed in cities where they had to attend some specific event, such as the American Music Awards held in Los Angeles and now the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.

With the Met Gala being held again on the first Monday of May, New York City Armys can start saving their money just in case the band decides to show up around here.