Love is Blind season two review and recap


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Is love truly blind?

“Love is Blind” season 1 fan favorites Lauren SpeedHamilton and Cameron Hamilton had viewers nodding their heads. However, after the — for lack of better words — dumpster fire that was season 2 of the Netflix series, it is safe to say that question might have a different answer; maybe that love is blurry, as stated by Season 2 cast member and villain, Shake.

This 11-episode season had everything: gaslighting, lying, sarcasm and a man telling his fiancé the night before their wedding that he hates her.

Focused on nine couples, each pairing had its own set of adversaries. The pairings of this season included Shake/Deepti, Shayne/Natalie, Iyanna/Jarrette, Mallory/Sal, Kyle/Shaina and Danielle/Nick.

Some couples were more about the theatrics than others, creating melodramatic moments that caused conflicts and meltdowns.

Jarrette and Iyanna had a rough start but managed to stay together throughout some questionable moments. Jarrette initially wanted to propose to Mallory but was turned down. The love triangle didn’t last long, with Jarrette professing his love for Iyanna.

The flirtatious conversation between Mallory and Jarrette at the retreat could have created pure chaos and drama, but Iyanna’s patience and trust towards him persevered and the two remained happily married.

In contrast, Sal was confident about Mallory initially, but she seemed to be on the fence about him. Although the couple didn’t last, they remained calm and communicated well throughout their relationship on the show.

Sal put more energy into planning romantic dates for Mallory than arguing with her.

Danielle and Nick had clear chemistry while in the pods. However, the honeymoon phase came to an abrupt halt upon landing in Mexico. They had an explosive fight after Nick returned from a cocktail party while another fight ensued about dancing on furniture after their return to Chicago.

It seemed every discussion was an argument, and their decision to get married left viewers in shock. Their incompatibility seemed to shine through the cameras. However, during the reunion, Danielle expressed that their conflicts only showed up when the cameras were present.

Shaina and Kyle’s differences in religion played a part in their relationships’ demise. One of their most dramatic moments happened during their honeymoon when Shaina told Kyle that she wanted to sleep in separate rooms and eventually left the retreat alone.

In addition to religion, Shaina also had feelings for Shayne, creating drama for Natalie, Shayne’s then-fiancé. Shaina and Kyle both admitted that they could have saved each other’s time and prevented turmoil if they didn’t leave the pods together.

Natalie and Shayne left viewers divided. In the pods, Shayne was torn between Natalie and Shaina. The first crack in their relationship appeared when Shayne accidentally called Natalie by the wrong name.

They got past this and Shayne ultimately proposed to Natalie. However, he was involved in several of the explosive scenes this season.

Shayne believed that Natalie didn’t think he was good enough, creating tension in almost every episode. They also had one of the biggest fights in the series, and although it wasn’t televised, it derailed their relationship, ultimately causing Natalie to say no at the altar.

The most notable couple, however, was Shake and Deepti. Crowned one of the most celebrated breakups in the show’s history, Shake prides himself on being a villain, helping him become one of the least likable cast members.

He repeatedly said that he wasn’t physically attracted to Deepti, comparing her to an aunt. The couple broke up during their wedding episode after Deepti decided to choose herself at the altar.

After two seasons, “Love Is Blind” is already becoming more of an avenue for fame than it is to prove the meaning of its title — that love is truly blind.

Just like on the ABC series “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” past contestants parlayed their appearances into big Instagram followings and from there, sought out sponsorships.