Rex Orange County’s fourth album ‘Who Cares?’ has finally arrived


Sony Music Canada newsroom

Cameron Modeste

It’s been nearly three years since fans have heard any new music from Rex Orange County. For this reason, “Who Cares?” has become one of the artist’s most anticipated albums since the release of his last album, “Pony.”

With this new album, the British singer eloquently captures the essence of dealing with the uncertainties of living. Co-produced by producer Benny Sings, each song on the album has its own life and features his emotional alternative sound, but the inspiration from vintage classical romantic music is clear.

Alexander O’Connor, better known by his stage name Rex Orange County, has become an international powerhouse in the alternative and indie music scene at only 23 years old. He emerged at the age of 16, with the release of his freshman album “Bcos U Will Never B Free.”

His latest album was created during what was supposed to be a short vacation in Amsterdam that instead turned into a period of creative enlightenment.

Less than a week since its release, the response to “Who Cares?” has been great. Fans are commending O’Connor for delivering another album that entices every emotion and plays with the heartstrings.

The album features a plethora of motivational and affirming songs. The unique sound and message of the album stem from claustrophobia and the frustration O’Connor experienced during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Who Cares?” opens with the lead single “Keep It Up.” The song was Rex‘s first release since his hiatus following his third album “Pony.” The track delivers the perfect song to help remind listeners to prioritize their own happiness before appeasing others.

It was only fitting that Rex followed such an amazing intro with his second-ever official collaboration on an album. “Open A Window” with Tyler the Creator is the perfect song that compliments Rex’s vocal ability, with the rapper delivering a verse showcasing exquisite lyricism through his renowned animated delivery.

Finally, the album closes with the title track, which delivers a beautiful take on social anxiety and the feeling of trying to be an individual in a binary world. The song captures the feeling of self-doubt that many experience and the search for happiness amid judgment from others.

Overall, “Who Cares?” is a beautiful alternative album that promotes self-growth and reflection. This is an album well needed after the years of hardship we all had to endure.

The positive reviews for the album were well expected; with the genius of Rex Orange County, a great album was bound to happen. It not only satisfies fans who have waited three years for new music, but it also serves as the perfect underdog soundtrack. It helps to uplift and motivate and to be open to life’s beautiful uncertainties.

“Who Cares?” is out now on all streaming platforms.