Billie Eilish is ‘Happier than Ever’ at Madison Square Garden

Rebecca DiSaverio

“Happier than Ever” artist Billie Eilish has started her 2022 world tour after her  “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” tour was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As disappointing as this was for her and her fans, she performed some of her older songs during her new tour. She released her latest album in July 2021.

Eilish performed two sold-out shows at the Madison Square Garden on Feb. 18 and 19. This is an in-depth review of her second show. Her Garden debut shows how far she has come as an artist.

Dora Jar was the opening act for the first few shows of this tour. Jar performed her original songs and hyped up the audience waiting for Eilish. Her songs ranged from slow ballads to upbeat bedroom pop. She played many of the songs acoustically on guitar in the middle of the stage.

Eilish then made her entrance under flashing lights, jumping out onto the stage from below, and was met with a roaring crowd. Her outfit fit who Eilish is as an artist: biker shorts with a huge oversized shirt.

Her setlist ranged from her lastest two albums, her EP and some singles she has released; these include: “Lovely” and “Bored.” When she was on stage, she gave it her all while running around to different sides to engage her fans, but also slowed down and performed standing with just a mic or sitting for slower songs.

Her setlist ranged in speed, going from really upbeat music to her slower, more depressing songs. One might think that the audience would lose energy with the slower songs, but they didn’t drop once as many of her fans related to them. People cried and sang with her to songs they have listened to countless times.

When Eilish performs, one thing that shines through is her connection to her music and her fans. Her voice is so strong and sounds like how it does on her recordings. She engages with the audience well, actively asking each side of the Garden how they are doing and ensuring their safety by making sure that people on the floor have more room to move.

She took time when she wasn’t singing to speak to some fans who made signs and always looked around the stadium.

Eilish was accompanied by her brother, Finneas, and her drummer, Andrew Marshall, as she danced with her fans and sang. The brother-sister duo usually make all their music together.

At one point, Finneas came down from the stage with both him and Eilish on guitar and they played together for their cheering fans. This was one of the most significant parts of the show, not only because they played one of her favorite songs, “Your Power,” but also because it was heartwarming to see the siblings perform together.

He then left and Eilish played the song, “Male Fantasy,” solo on the guitar, showcasing more of her musical abilities.

After this acoustic set, she ran down an aisle between the general admission floor and the seats leading to stage B. A giant crane allowed her to perform on the other side of the arena in the air, letting her have a more interactive show with her fans in the further seats who couldn’t be as close as those on the floor.

Her graphics on the stage were powerful and curated what she felt and saw for each song. The different moods of her performance were reflected by the lights and screen displays. Her stage was also mobile, with platforms that elevate the instrumentalists up and down. The middle of the stage also tilted. This was a great stage setup that helped to create a fascinating visual.

She shortened some songs which I didn’t love, but it made sense to get more songs into the concert.

My favorite part of the whole concert was when she sang “Getting Older.” This song talks about growing up and changing that so many can relate to. While she sang this song, she had home videos of her as a toddler that showed how much she has grown up. Then, she turned around to look at it and started crying with her audience.

Eilish being this raw and open is so meaningful.

Overall, this was a great concert, and if you get the chance to see it, I highly recommend it. She will continue her tour on March 8 in Birmingham.