Sex, drugs and rock and roll in novel ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’


Taylor Jenkins Reid

Samantha Sollitto

What happens when you mix an uptight, aspiring star and his talented ensemble with an out-of control it-girl in the early ‘70s? You get “Daisy Jones & The Six,” a best-selling novel written by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

The book, formatted as a “tell-all” interview, centers around The Six, a fictional rock band from the early 1970s and their lead singer, Daisy Jones, a groupie with a knack for singing and a serious drug problem. “Daisy Jones & The Six” encapsulates the exact feeling of rock and roll, highlighting the exhilarating parts of being in a band, but not shying away from the ugly parts of what comes with the territory.

The novel’s unique structure is what sets it apart from others. It’s written as an oral transcript, collecting the perspectives of not only Daisy and The Six, but their managers, rock critics, journalists and more. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Reid notes that the best way to document a rock band of this era was to do it with virtually “no filter.” This only adds to the persona of the hardcore lifestyle of rock enthusiasts, allowing the reader to feel immersed in their world of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

The idea of writing an entire novel as an oral transcript is a herculean feat. It is a challenge that many authors would never attempt, which makes Reid’s stylistic choices all the more interesting. Extremely well-written and enjoyable from start to finish, Reid does an excellent job at captivating her audience with a novel that is sure to never disappoint. She tackles rather difficult topics with poise and captures the feeling of romance like nobody else can.

Billy and Daisy, although not technically romantically involved, have a way of captivating the audience, not only in the book, but in real life, too.

The only downside to Reid’s novel is the mention of songs with no way to actually listen to them. However, she does include lyrics for every original song mentioned at the end of the book, which fills some of the void left by the fictional nature of this legendary band. The lyrics find the perfect balance between meaningful and cringey, capturing the beauty of songs in the ’70s.

With a 13-episode series coming to Amazon in the works, “Daisy Jones & The Six” has taken the world by storm. One of Reid’s best novels, this book is definitely a must-read for those who enjoy the angst, comfort and longing that comes with the ideas of friendship and love.